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  1. V

    Tipping at Summer Camp

    My DD just spent the last week at IGC. My question is about tipping the counselors. The materials note that you should feel free to tip, but don't feel obligated. My question is - who should be tipped and how much? There are a couple counselor's in the cabin, but different instructors for each...
  2. J

    Parents WOGA Advanced summer camp

    For those of you who are interested Joscelyn started off a little slow, just sort of feeling things out. Once she got the hang of things she was able to keep up. Her Mom said at the end of camp that she was the best tumbler there, but definitely needs work on the bars and the beam. I say thats...
  3. G

    Does my DD NEED Summer Camp?

    Hi All, I am new to CB and this is my first online post ever. I hope I am doing this correctly. My DD is 8 and is a level 3. Her team is competing and she is doing well. She absolutely LOVES gymnastics and would be in the gym 24-7 if she could. Right now it is just 6 hours a week. Some of the...
  4. G

    WOGA Summer Camp?

    Have any of you (or your children/gymnasts) ever gone to this camp? I was looking at it because it costs just about the same amount as the college camp that is nearby. However, I could not find much info about it. If you/ your gymnast went, did you/they enjoy it? Would they go again...
  5. G

    Summer Camp...1st time??

    I am 14 years old and a level 7, and this summer will be my first time ever going to a overnight camp. I am really nervous! It is at NC State University, but some other girls on my team are going, and my coach is planning on going too. She said that going to camp will be a good experience for...
  6. S

    summer camp, worth the money?

    We have thought about gymnastics camp for the last several years. The trouble is, it is very expensive and I'm not sure which to choose. We have coaches that prefer different camps, IGC or Woodward, both in PA. I am wondering if anyone has a preference or can say that summer camp is...
  7. P

    Coaches Coaching @ IGC summer camp??

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has coached at a summer camp for IGC? I was thinking about applying for next summer to get into their degreed coaching program, & I was wanting some info on it. What was it like? What exactly do they have you do in the program? etc.... Any info is GREATLY...
  8. T

    Summer camp!

    My DD just received her camp stuff in the mail this morning. So excited! She'll be going to Gymrep week 5. We've been to IGC twice before and she enjoyed it very much but wanted to try something new and since she goes to French school and prefers to live life in the gym this should be...
  9. L

    Parents Flip Fest Summer Camp 09

    Can anyone give me some insight on this summer camp. Daughter really wants to go she is 8 years old and never been away from home longer then 1 night. My husband says it will be good for her and she will hopefully learn some new gymnastic skills. But just being a Mom and worried about...
  10. Gymgrl111

    Summer Camp

    Has anyone heard of or been to this camp? US Gymnastics Training Camps If so please tell me how you liked it, and if you would go again. I think I am going to this summer camp.
  11. Gymgrl111

    Summer Camp help

    I am tring to chose a gymnastics summer camp that is good. I am 13yrs. old and I have never been to a Gymnastics summer camp. It needs to be overnight. So if any of you out there have some suggestions, that would be great. If you can leave the website{s} and how you well enjoyed it. Thanks so...
  12. gym monkeys mom

    Parents Summer camp

    Hey I have a USAG Level 7 daughter and am slow but, still thinking or looking for a gymanstics camp for her this summer. I know Lake Owen but am looking for a less expensive option. Any ideas would be great thanks.:confused:
  13. MdGymMom01

    Is going away to a Summer Camp beneficial for New Gymnast?

    Hello, My 9 year old daughter is interested in taking some time off cheer and doing gymnastics full time starting in April. She has been cheering since she was 6 yrs old and just started taking gymnastics classes. Would it be beneficial for her to go away to camp--I was thinking about Woodward...
  14. G

    At what age/ level is good to start going to summer camp?

    I have an 8 yo DD who is currently on pre-team @ her gym, and has been doing gymnastics for almost a year now. She has expressed interest in attending summer camp next year, but I'm not sure if she will be old enough or experienced enough to "get" anything out of summer camp. I've checked some...