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  1. JBS

    For Parents Featured Gymnastics Summer Camps... Which One?

    Are you looking for a gymnastics camp? Our next article by Jen Kula is just for you...
  2. S

    WAG Experience with gymnastics at NON-gymnastics summer camps?

    This has nothing to do with me personally--it's just something I've been wondering as a former gymnast who knows a LOT about summer camps through both my experience/friends' experiences and is going into a career in which I may find myself at some point working in an administrative position at a...
  3. J

    WAG Summer Camps

    Hi, looking for suggestions for high performance summer camps specifically in region 5 area. Any advice based on experience would be appreciated!
  4. A

    For Parents College Summer Camps

    Looking for recommendations for college camps this summer. Which camps have your daughters done and do you feel they were worth it? My daughter is an 11-year-old Level 9, so we're not focused on any particular college at this point. Just looking for a program that's a good mixture of fun and...
  5. D

    For Coaches Complaints about summer camps

    I am just taking over a new gym as head coach/manager and I started August 1st. I was not in the gym at all for a summer camp that we ran in July but we had one of the senior coaches running it. I provided her a schedule that had a lots of gymnastics interspersed with breaks, craft, and lunch as...
  6. F

    For Parents Summer camps

    Advice Regarding igc camp bs woodword. And has anyone done Florida gators or top college camp
  7. M

    For Parents Summer camps?

    looking for a good quality summer camp in the south/central areas. Which ones are really worth it? Karolyi? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. T

    WAG college summer camps

    Was wondering if any of your gymnasts participated in these summer camps offered by various NCAA programs? If so, was it worth it? -did they learn new skills/techniques which they were able to bring back to their home gym? -did it help in the college recruitment process? -what age/level...
  9. S

    WAG Summer camps

    We are moving overseas next year to a location with less experienced coaches and limited facilities/equipment. DD will be training lvl 8. She should have her giant before we leave. That's all that she still needs for 7. I am considering saving up to take DD back to the states for three weeks of...
  10. D

    WAG Good summer camps?

    Mind you, this is not for this year, as it would be way too late to get into one anyway, and my daughter is too young. But she is interested in going to one next year. And I am as green as a Granny Smith apple in terms of camp knowledge. So hit me with it. We are in the USA. Give me the great...
  11. M

    Summer Camps Abroad/America

    Just wondering if anyone has experience of their clubs going abroad for summer camps. Is it worth it? the whole expense of it, especially if parents are asked to take their gymnast to the camp!
  12. M

    For Parents Good summer camps in AZ?

    Does anyone know any good camps in Arizona that are good for beginning level kids who are into working hard at gymnastics? my kid only level 2
  13. D

    For Parents Summer Camps 2015

    Hello fellow gymnastics moms & dads, Our daughter went to flip fest last year and had a blast, the problem, IMHO, is that 1 week is just short of them really getting what the need out of such a camp. But two weeks is a lot of $$. Shoot one week at flip fest was a lot of $$$$.. With that said...
  14. Kidsgym

    MAG Summer camps level 9

    Looking if anybody knows about any summer camp that level 9 boys can benefit from.
  15. G

    For Parents summer camps - for gym not just fun (but it can be fun...)

    I know there have been threads about the pluses and minuses of camps on here, and I do get that they could be very unnecessary. We are in a bit of an unusual circumstance. My boys lost their coach in January, and have had a fill in younger, less experienced coach. He is doing very well, but...
  16. S

    WAG Weekend summer camps

    I was wondering if anyone had any insight in weekend summer camps. We are going to the university of Arkansas camp and was also thinking about doing the Bart Conner weekend camp as well.
  17. putri

    WAG College vs independent summer camps

    Ok, a bit overwhelmed with all the options... At first I was going to send dd to FlipFest because it's I just a 10hr drive. But I just found out about all these universities offering camps for cheaper. Which is best? FF is about $750 and a college camp is less than $500 on average. What do you...
  18. Tally Ho

    Summer camps

    Hi, does anyone have any summer camp recommendations for the uk, it would be for a small group of girls and a couple of coaches?
  19. kitkat

    For Parents Summer Camps

    Hi there...I know that this question has been asked before but I thought I would get a refresh of responses. I am looking to send my daughter to summer camp this summer. She has been to Woodward a couple of times and last year went to Chicago Institute. She liked them both for very different...
  20. aerialriver

    WAG Summer camps

    Okay I know this is probably the most stupid question ever asked but for camps like Woodward and Flipfest are those gyms just built for camps? Do they offer gym classes during the rest of the year? Do they have teams or compete?