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  1. NutterButter

    WAG Summer Training for College Athletes

    Parents and coaches of collegiate gymnasts - I have questions for you all regarding summer training. What does training look like for your DD or college gymnast while they are home for the summer? Do they train with their former JO teammates? Are they part of a separate college training group...
  2. kitkat

    Thats a wrap on summer training . ;)

    Well training has become fun again and she is loving it. So thankful she has her spirit back. Summer training is coming to an end for her.... Here are a few new things she played with this summer. Thanks always for watching and cheering her on.
  3. G

    WAG Summer Training Hours

    How many hours a week are you training in the summer? As a level 7 gymnast is 22 hours a week on par with other gyms?
  4. Lilou

    For Parents Summer training groups?

    How do your gyms do summer training groups? Being new to the sport, I have general questions as to how different gyms do things for summer training. Do gymnasts have to have the next level skills to move up to the next level summer training group? Do gymnasts have to have all of the next level...
  5. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Summer training

    So, i am Reading a lot of threads about summer training. However, my gym closes during the entire summer break (6 weeks long in the netherlands). I am planning on doing conditioning during those weeks, but i don't really know how many and if i should work skills. Is it better to give my body a...
  6. flippingtogether

    For Parents For those with gymnasts who DON'T look forward to summer training....

    I've noticed so many posts where parents mention that they and their kids love the end of the comp season when uptraining begins and the kids learn new skills. BUT, I have never had the pleasure of this. I was inspired by another post to give a shout out to any parents whose kids are the exact...
  7. MyDD

    Summer Training

    I'm new to this site and the artistic world (power tumbling was my thing) so I hope someone can give me some advice. Our club closes down for 4 weeks over the summer which seems like a long time. My DD struggles with being sore and lost moves when she returns in August. Should I put her into a...
  8. L

    Summer training

    Hi do any of your gymnast have a break in training over summer or gym close for a few weeks in summer holidays
  9. E

    For Parents First Year of Summer Training

    This year will be my youngest dd's first year of training during the day time in the summer, her hours will increase but days will stay the same for no extra charge, she will be doing 10am to 3pm twice a week most of the time except one training session will be in the evening as usual and one...
  10. mariposa

    WAG Do your daughter's summer training hours increase?

    Just wondering if your daughter's hours increase in the summer and if so, by how much? So, what is your daughter's level and school year hours vs. summer? My daughter is a level 7, training for level 8 next season. During the school year they train 19.5 hours a week and during the summer...
  11. F

    WAG Options for summer training

    I'm wondering what options are out there for summer training, while DD's gym is closed for summer break. this year, she went to IGC for two weeks. She loved it, but thought the first week she wasn't placed correctly (put in a different group the second week which fit her better). I think she...
  12. munchkin3

    WAG Worried about summer training schedule

    Summer is around the corner and I am lucky that I can have my 2 gimmies at gym most of the day...BUT I am worried about it being a heavy load. Our gym has 3 training sessions of 3 hrs each per day. You can go for 2 of these session, or 6 hrs, a day if you want to....DD will go 3 one day/ 6 one...
  13. G

    For Coaches Summer training Hours

    As a coach I am wondering about twice a day trainings for the summer. Do a lot of gyms do this in the off season or stick to the common four hour a day training. This is of course for optional gymnasts.
  14. V

    For Parents update after summer training

    It's been a long time since I posted so here is an update. After switching gyms in May, much progress has been made. Giants have been learned and are now done effortlessly. :DVault is really coming along. Tsuks are "ok" but DD prefers doing yurchenkos (spelling?) Straddle backs are done solo...
  15. P

    For Parents summer training

    Daughter had a really hard time adjusting to training in the begining of the summer. Two weeks later she has turned into a different child she is so focused. Today she told when I picked her up that she told me she completed four bar routines for level 5. She said she did the whole routines...