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  1. E

    Parents  UF summer camp

    Has anyone had experience with UF’s summer camp? We are on the wait list so not sure she’ll get in but wondering if anyone had feedback from prior years. TIA
  2. S

    WAG  Summer Camp

    Hi everybody. I'm writing from Italy. I'd like to find a sleepaway summer camp for my 15 teen daughter where she can practice both english and gymnastic in great Britain or Ireland. She's between 7 and 8 level Thanks for your help Sara
  3. O

    Parents  Skills seem to be regressing as summer goes on

    My daughter, age 10 just completed level 5 and is possibly going into level 6 or 7 this Fall (undetermined). Historically my daughter has been a high performer - she typically scores 36 & 37+, is a hard worker, and has always been eager to tackle upgrades and skills. However, since this summer...
  4. P

    Parents  Training weeks in the summer

    Hi all, My daughter is entering her second year of comp. she’s 9 (turning 10) and expected to be level 4/5 this year. As last summer’s training schedule was still disrupted by COVID restrictions, we weren’t sure what to expect for this summer and only got the summer schedule after we made some...
  5. B

    Parents  Summer Camp in US

    Hi, So with the family now working virtually, it occurs to me that we can relocate somewhere nicer for the summer. I came to this realization a little too late for this summer, but I'm looking towards the future. I have a 6 year old son that is moving up from pre team to team. If you wouldn't...
  6. F

    Parents  Summer Camp in Midwest

    Does anyone know of June summer camps in Midwest for xcel levels?
  7. Lindylou

    Parents  Rec gymnast summer camp

    My dd has been to overnight camp before. Very recently she began gymnastics, and is working level 2 skills. She and a friend(of the same level)registered for Flip Fest gymnastics camp. However, her friend can no longer go. Aside from being mostly alone(my son is going, but he'll be with the...
  8. JBS

    Parents Featured  Gymnastics Summer Camps... Which One?

    Are you looking for a gymnastics camp? Our next article by Jen Kula is just for you...
  9. J

    Parents  High Quality Non-Residential Summer Gymnastics Camps/Clinics

    Greetings All, I'm a new member here, but have lurked off and on for the past couple years in order to soak up the forum's collective wisdom. Typically, I've been able to find my answer via the search function, but no luck this time. By way of background, my daughter (8 years old) jumped into...
  10. P

    WAG  Summer accomplishments

    Since we are right in the midst of summer uptraining, use this forum to brag about the wonderful accomplishment(s) you or someone you know who does gymnastics have achieved. For me, I am the most inflexible gymnast ever. I kid you not. After all these years of gymnastics I FINALLY got my bad...
  11. CLgym

    Parents  Update: Summer of new activities (and be careful what you wish for)

    Hi, all. I am looking for a little pep talk from my Chalk Bucket peeps :) For those who haven't seen my recent posts, my daughter began having major mental and physical struggles as an 11 year old L8, which continued this year as a 12 year old repeat L8. Gymnastics has felt pretty yucky this...
  12. NutterButter

    WAG  Summer Training for College Athletes

    Parents and coaches of collegiate gymnasts - I have questions for you all regarding summer training. What does training look like for your DD or college gymnast while they are home for the summer? Do they train with their former JO teammates? Are they part of a separate college training group...
  13. M

    WAG  High Performance Camps & College Camps for Summer 2021

    I'm looking for a high performance camp or a college gymnastics camp for the summer of 2021, which I know may be hard to find with the pandemic. I would like to find something in Idaho, Washington, Montana, or Oregon. Does anyone know of any that are planned? Thank you!
  14. S

    WAG  Experience with gymnastics at NON-gymnastics summer camps?

    This has nothing to do with me personally--it's just something I've been wondering as a former gymnast who knows a LOT about summer camps through both my experience/friends' experiences and is going into a career in which I may find myself at some point working in an administrative position at a...
  15. T

    Parents  Full time working parents who use full time daycamp in summer - how do you accommodate summer hours?

    Just learned that my daughter will likely have practice 2-5pm next summer. if you Work full time and typically use daycamp in summer for full day coverae 8:30-5:30pm how do you accomodate daytime practice hours? Up until this point all practices have been in the evenings (5-8pm) for my 9yo on...
  16. Lilou

    Parents  injury during summer

    What would your gym do, or have they done, when a gymnast is uptraining and halfway through the summer gets injured and will only be able to condition for about 4-6 weeks? Our gym makes level decisions in August, meets start in late Nov., no level changes until the following Spring after States...
  17. txgymfan

    Parents  Summer is starting

    Let’s celebrate! What are you looking forward to this summer both for your gymnast and for you/your family. I’m ready to spend more time with the kids and can’t wait to see my parents at the lake later this summer.
  18. G

    Parents  Summer vacations & missing

    My daughter loves gymnastics. She is a L10. The problem is we live near the beach and have a lot of family at the beach who always want to see us. We generally have to go to the beach 3 different weeks a summer. My daughter doesn't like to miss this much. Totally understandable, it really...
  19. Peachy88

    Parents  Summer gym skills

    Do you find that your kids accelerate faster once school is out or about the same? I kind of feel like this post season/pre summer time is weird. Everyone is getting ready to switch levels, doing some uptraining, etc. our gym doesn’t change schedules for the summer so same night practices, but I...
  20. J

    WAG  Summer Camps

    Hi, looking for suggestions for high performance summer camps specifically in region 5 area. Any advice based on experience would be appreciated!

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