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  1. D

    Switch Gyms?

    So last season I moved to a new gym. It was great at the time but now that the season is over I don’t think I’m getting enough out of it. We don’t do very much training and only do 9 hours a week. Another gym near me trains a lot more and would most likely fit me better. The thing is I really...
  2. A

    For Parents Time to consider a switch?

    You guys have given me great advice in the past, so hoping you can help me out again! Sorry this will be long! We have been at our gym for 5 years. My older daughter is almost 11 and has competed L3 the last 2 seasons. She has worked hard and is finally ready to move to L4. It's a big deal for...
  3. D

    WAG Skill level: switch side floor

    Wondering if what skill level a switch side is and at what level a gymnast can compete it. Thank you
  4. D

    WAG Skill level: switch side floor

    Wondering if what skill level a switch side is and at what level a gymnast can compete it. Thank You!
  5. T

    WAG Gym switch

    at the risk of sounding redundant... going to post a question about switching gyms ;) I don’t know any other gym parents in real life and my daughter is new to competitive gymnastics so I’m hoping to get some feedback here from those more experienced. My daughter (she’s 9) is in her first meet...
  6. C

    For Parents Should we switch to a new gym???

    Can you give some advice? My dd just finished competing in compulsories at state, and she’s been accepted to another gym (actually a few others, but there’s one that’s our top choice). We’re trying to decide if she should stay at her current gym or switch to the new gym. Can I share a few of...
  7. B

    For Parents Post gym switch syndrome

    So 5 days ago I made the decision to switch my DD to a new gym that focuses more on form, conditioning and technique after two years at her old gym. She hasn't even started her summer training and I'm feeling all kinds of guilt and regret, not to mention anxiety about the 22-mile vs 5-mile...
  8. M

    For Parents Gym switch?

    which gym would you go with? Gym A: girls are currently on team, and somewhat happy. Have been on team for 4 + years. Has amazing coaches, and you as a parent have been able to work with them for the most part to fix problems with one child, however you have also been super frustrated a lot...
  9. C

    For Parents Will it be to late to switch?

    My 8 year old has been taking rec gymnastics for about 10 months. She has fallen in love. They moved her to preteam in hopes to get her ready to compete. The gym we are at is strictly xcel. Is it ok to try this out this coming year and see about the commitment and if she likes it and then...
  10. Alibri

    For Parents Coach switch has me concerned

    Hi, This may be more of a vent, so I apologize in advance. My daughter's level 2 team coach just recently left. She was also the main compulsory coach. This coach was tough. She was no-nonsense, strict, and had high expectations, but the girls seemed to thrive on this kind of coaching. The 7...
  11. sticks

    For Parents Thinking to switch to Kurt Thomas

    We are thinking to switch to Kurt Thomas, my daughter is training 5 any info from anyone can give us? We have always heard that they keep the girls on the same level for a long time because they want to get better scores at meets. Any information will be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Flip4funmom

    For Parents Worthy of a gym switch?

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with my son's gym. I loved it in the beginning but it seems they have doubled enrollments in the boys class recently and the quality of instruction has dropped drastically. I know my son is still young but it seems the coach is favorite game the older and...
  13. Flippingout

    WAG Switch leap back leg

    Well, I just competed at a meet this past weekend. I got an 8.55, because my start value was a 9.7 due to a missing B. I used to have a switch leap in there, but we took it out due to an extremely bent back leg. I really need some help with this. I am getting some pretty bad deductions from...
  14. S

    For Parents forced a gym switch -are they happy?

    I have posted previously about my parental guilt about moving DD to a new gym. She does not want to leave her friends -so it's tough to force this on her but I KNOW it's the right decision. If you moved your gymmie against their will how did the adjustment go? Were they happy in the end? How...
  15. M

    For Parents More gym switch questions

    I have searched other gym switch threads but I’m still looking for opinions. Without giving too much information, my dd (teen) was early optional level and her whole group have all been put on the Xcel path this fall. They trained less hours over the summer than the “A” optionals at the same...
  16. N

    For Parents Gym switch decision - deadline today!!!

    So, I’ll try and keep this as short as possible! There is a rather lengthy back story to this which I can cover off later if necessary, however in the meantime I’d very much appreciate views of others. Daughter is UK Grade 6, training for Grade 5 next March. She is 8 years young. Currently at...
  17. G

    WAG When do gymnasts switch to "elite track"

    For gyms that don't do TOPS, when do the coaches usually "recognize" a gymnast as having that something extra and start them on a different path? The reason I ask, our gym is fairly new, and the head coach informed all the optionals yesterday that she has decided that one of the 9yo L6 is going...
  18. M

    For Coaches Switch leap with turns

    My oh my... I have been to a couple coach clinics lately but it was more disturbing than helping : The hurdle front leg : bend or not bend , when yes how knee high up or leg bent to back .... Backhandspring: because of the spring floor : short and high not long anymore For layout coming from...
  19. A

    WAG 11 yr old wants to switch from cheer to gymnastics...too late?

    Hi everyone....just some quick background. Daughter turns 11 in a couple of weeks. Has been all-star cheer for 1 1/2 yrs now. Progressed very quickly with the tumbling....gained front and back walkovers, aerial, all handspring skills including RO with multiple BHS, RO tuck, and even standing...
  20. T

    WAG Switch gyms or stay?

    My 7 y.o. is L2 (gym has it as L3 training team, so they will be L3 next year). Right now they are training 6 hours a week and will move up to 9 hours/week in a couple months. Right now we're not happy with the quality of coaching- the head coach is not able to lift the girls, so her husband...