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  1. V

    WAG Level 5 Gym Switch?

    I could use some input on my 10 y/o Level 5 daughter. She really enjoys gymnastics and wants to continue the sport but not at her current gym. Reasons include she knows she is not a favorite and bad behavior of some of the other girls during practice and meets. Her best friend who is a year...
  2. E

    For Parents Do you think we should switch?

    Hi there, Can you give some advice? We'll find out next month if our gym will advance my daughter from the pre-team to the junior compulsory team, or if she'll be recommended over to the Exel bronze team. Of course, dd is dying to join the junior team (she dreams of Olympics and is obsessed...
  3. G

    WAG Successful gym switch thank u chalkbucket family

    Hey guys, I can confirm. The advice on here is true! If you are even considering a gym change, you should have done it much sooner! My only regret is not leaving sooner, dragging it out only prolonged the inevitable. Update: DD is so excited about gymnastics, she isn't crying anymore. And...
  4. D

    WAG Switch leap help!

    I'm finally out of my boot and am able to start doing some things.... Not consistently but 1 or 2 a week. So I started switch leaps as I've found they don't hurt, but I need help with getting my legs up. Tips or suggestions?
  5. Cartwheelmom

    WAG Switch Leaps

    What level is a switch leap required?
  6. E

    For Parents Help: Pressure to switch to Excel and leave compulsory track.. :(

    Hi all, I would love to hear your feedback about the situation we're in with my daughter. She's 9 1/2 and in Level 2 on the "pre-team" at our gym. She passed the beginner and intermediate rec classes within 10 months, and was promoted to the pre-team 6 months ago. Since she was 9 at the time...
  7. M

    WAG help....xcel/jo/gym switch

    This may get long, and I have way over thought this, but I honestly do not know what to do. I have 2 DD's who compete xcel. 8 year old bronze DD, and 10 year old silver DD. At our gym, xcel is competitive - kids are expected to compete the max routines. 8 yo DD is talented - she does not put a...
  8. B

    WAG Coach's gym switch?

    There are a lot of gym switch posts on here, which I enjoy reading so I know things not to do. Now it's time to ask how to know when it's time for a coach to go. For the most part I like my gym. I have had the same group for the 4.5 years I've been there, and been the head coach of the group for...
  9. G

    For Parents How often does your gym switch leos?

    The thread about finances made me curious-how often does your gym change leo styles? Both gyms we have been to are every other year. I kind of figured this is standard? I have also always wondered, Do the leo companies discontinue the styles every couple of years to force gyms to buy new ones?
  10. P

    For Parents switch from xcel to JO?

    I am trying to decide what would be best for DD (7). A little less than a year ago I moved her from rec to x cel pre team at a new gym further from our home. We love the gym and the program -it's really been great for her -but the drive is difficult for our family and the other kids. One of...
  11. G

    For Parents Gym switch and focus issues

    I could use some advice! My daughter started gymnastics a year ago. She will be 5 in a couple of months. We just changed gyms, because the gym she was at decided to no longer offer any team options and only offer rec. Since we wanted her to be at a gym where she could eventually progress to...
  12. Gymnastmomof1

    For Parents Gym mom needs advice/gym switch

    Ok my dd is a level 3 gymnast she is brand new to competition last year she competed xcel bronzeWe had a whole gym shakeup and staff left and my daughters xcel bronze coach is actually a cheerleader and coaches at a local high school plus she started a team at our gym! The new gym is. 45 min...
  13. K

    WAG switch leap at what level?

    what level do you usually compete switch leaps?
  14. SignHere

    For Parents It is time to switch gyms....

    But DD is not on board. It has become clear to me, over the past year, that it is time for DD to change gyms. However, anytime I attempt to mention looking into another gym to my DD (Level 8, training 9, and 11 yrs old), she refuses to consider it. I am reluctant to say anything negative...
  15. All Chalked Up

    WAG Wrist switch in back giant

    When I hit the top of my giant, my wrists and hands are still underneath the bar. What can I do to fix it? Could this be a reason why I have trouble hitting handstand?
  16. G

    WAG Possible Gym Switch *Parent & Coach Advice Appreciated*

    Hi, my daughter is going to a practice tonight at a new gym that some of her school friends go to. She is currently at a small gym, on preteam. She's been asked to move to team, but they don't base the team on levels, just train as they go. They have 2 coaches for about 18 girls(with the...
  17. munchkin3

    MAG When to pull the plug and SWITCH gyms.

    So i guess this has been brewing for awhile. It is becoming clearer and clearer that a switch may be needed. DS has been at his gym for 7 years. When he was little he had the same coach that DD has now, a wonderful, patient 'all knowing' coach. When a new boys coach came in about 3 years ago, my...
  18. Gymnast@<3

    WAG help with switch kips!

    okay so i have them, however my form is sketchy and i get docked bad for it and sometimes my power stops the kip... any ideas?? :)
  19. M

    MAG We made the switch!!

    My DS started at the new gym today. He is starting in a combined level 1,2,&3 class. The class is only an hour long. Although the old gym did not have a boys team or any plans to start one any time in the near future (which is part of the reason we left there) DS attended class twice a week for...
  20. L

    WAG weird season…gym switch in order?

    New user, but I have been reading through many threads. My daughter is on her first year on competitive team new level one usag. We have had a frustrating first year. We are at a very small gym and lost our head coach (she was very good and a judge as well) before meet season even started...