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  1. G

    Switch gyms or stay??

    I need some advice...we are currently in our competitive season and I am wondering if I am teaching my dd to quit something once she starts it b/c I am wanting her to switch gyms. Currently, the coach humiliates girls (openly) when they do not do something correctly. The coach yells at the...
  2. B

    To switch gyms?

    Hi Chalkbucket! I moved away from my beloved gym last March. I found a gym to work at in June, but I don't like it. I want more responsibility, and more control. I don't think the girls are at the levels they should be at (most were moved up before they were ready). I still enjoy teaching...
  3. N

    For Parents Gym switch update - tried our first gym

    So I posted last week that we have decided to switch gyms. DD tried out at one last weekend, but she wasn't there for practice. Well this past week she went to a different gym and practiced with them. I was very nervous because when I called about trying out and explained that DD had been in...
  4. N

    For Parents We have officially decided to switch gyms!

    After my many weeks of grumbling and complaining I've come to the point that we are ready to switch gyms. Two other teammates are going with us and that will ease the transistion. The hard part is picking a gym. I actually know which gym I would prefer to go to, one of DD's teammates switched...
  5. M

    Split Leap vs Switch Leap?

    Hi, I just finished competing USAG L5 and will compete L6 (although competing L7 also is not out of the picture) next year. My problem is that my split leap sucks. I can't get my legs to "pop" to split. I thought I was feeling the "pop" for a while, but actually I was just pushing off the ground...
  6. H

    Stick w/current gym or switch???

    I have a 6 year old that has been doing gymnastics for about 2 years. She is a level 3 (although our gym doesn't use actual numbers until level 4) and we have been told she will be competing next year. She has been having trouble with one of her coaches, to the point that I'm thinking it might...
  7. tumblerK

    switch leg

    Back when I was a new level 5 my coach had me try a front handspring step out. I was quite awful at them, so she had me try it off the cheese, and I managed to do a switch leg front handspring step out and according to everyone there it was actually quite graceful too. Of course I didn't manage...
  8. flippinlolly

    Switch split leap help

    One of my teammates has a lot of trouble with her switch leaps. ITs a shame because she's amazing at everything else, she's really talented but this is one thing that brongs her down and its a compulsory element in our routines! She just cant seem to get the leg that switches up. ITs almost...
  9. C

    For Parents Reason to switch clubs?

    Question for you parents out there.My 9 year old loves gymnastics and loves her coach,but as a 9 year old she doesnt notice the problems in the gym.Her coach also coach's her own daughter(8 years old) and she cant seem to stop showing huge amounts of favourtism towards her,ie: extra turns,more...
  10. mtbmom

    For Parents One Year Out from Switch and No Regrets

    Hi everyone, I don't post much but lurk often :o But I thought y'all might be interested in how DD is doing one year out since we switched gyms... She competed level 4 this year and it was a struggle. She came to this gym end of april last year and the only skills she had were...
  11. J

    Switch gyms before you lose it!

    I have been lurking and reading posts for some time before joining. This weekends state meets made me want to post and share an incident that could have and should have been avoided.. I realize it is the time of year for gym switching for a variety of reasons. While many are valid reasons I am...
  12. charloadams

    Switch Leap full?

    How do you teach a switch leap full? I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum. I really want my sister to do that skill in competition but her coach doesn't know how to teach it. My sister has awesome switch leap so I don't think the flexibility part would me a problem for her. And is this...
  13. G

    Should i switch gyms???

    So for the past say 7 months or so i have been dealing with a severe back problem. A bulging disk. I took time off of gym, and have come back about 2 times after taking about a month off each time. My coach is not happy about this. So i went back to gym this week and re injured it again. I dont...
  14. V

    For Parents Another gym switch question

    Hi, all. I feel like my dd and I have a big decision to make. But, it is breaking our hearts to think of switching gyms. I need a sounding board. She loves her coaches and her friends at her current gym. They have had a strong compulsary and optional program. She made huge improvements last...
  15. G

    Switch Leg Leap Sissone Series Help

    I think my dd losing points from not bringing her feet completely together after the switch leap before going into her sissone. When she tries to bring them completely together, she stutter-steps or loses split position in her sissone. What is she doing wrong?
  16. M

    For Parents Getting Ready to Switch Gyms

    ANyone else gone through the process of switching gyms? State is a month away and we are 99% sure we are going to take the girls to another gym. My oldest is 10 yo L4 and while she scores a 34 in every meet, she has scored a 34 in practically every meet. There has been lots of coaching...