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  1. flips123

    Switching gyms?

    I may be switching gyms because my gym is falling apart.Its more of a rec. gym and the GYMNASTS have to raise the money themselves to raise the ceiling (which is currently too low for the level 7s to do giants).And this is a major maybe.But how do you tell the gym youre leaving and gather up...
  2. G

    Switching Gyms? Where to go? ((Please Read))

    My heart is broken. I have done gymnastics for only 2 years...And the WHOLE time I was at my old gym....They were very slow on progressing with new skills....We NEVER worked cast handstands, any TOPS skills, no upper level skills, didn't learn routines until the 2nd week before our first...
  3. F

    Switching programs.

    My gym has always done a unique gymnastics program. It's AGA,a very relaxed competitive program. Gymnastics start off with their own individiual routines, and are put into levels based on scores, not skills. I just completed my fourth season and made it up to "Senior 10," (the levels go jr 1-10...
  4. L

    For Parents Decision Made...Switching Gyms

    Had a try out at a new gym today....learned some new things....loved the coaches and she has decided to make the switch...Now to figure out how to leave the old gym with all her friends!! Advice welcome.....do it right away or in a couple of weeks?
  5. D

    For Parents switching gyms??

    Ok, here's the skinny.My daughter belongs to a small gym in a small town that only opened 6 years ago. We love this gym and she has belonged to this gym since she was 7 years old. She is 11 years old and just finished her level 7 season. It was not stellar. She is one of only 3 optional gymnasts...
  6. L

    For Parents Ethics and Switching Gyms

    We belong to a gym with a very small, very successful team......about 20 girls. Last week two girls came from another local team to practice with the team...and are coming this saturday.....they haven't told their current team they are leaving after level 7 states....and the parents were very...
  7. C

    Gym switching problem :( help

    k so i have been going to this gym that i go to for a year and a half... i love everything about it but this one girl on my team who everyone hates... So my parents said that i could switch gyms if i wanted to and i said no because i luv my gym. So they said i could stay so i was happy so then...
  8. Y

    Switching Gyms

    I've gone to my gym for 5 years, and am level 8, which is the highest level at the gym. I'm thinking about switching, but it would be so hard because I've been there for so long. There's only about 12 people on the team, and I'm afraid that if I leave, others might too. I want to go to a gym...
  9. Empowered

    For Parents Switching Gyms

    So after weighing every option in my mind and my daughters wishes (which in all honesty count more than anything else), we've decided to let her move gyms. She has had her mind made up since the first tryout but I have been so worried that moving would be the wrong decision. After watching...
  10. R

    Level and Switching Gyms

    My two twin daughters competed at a level 7 meet a few months ago and scored really well (this is their second year). It was an in house meet, so we had a judge come out. One got a 36.9 the other a 37.1. So the gym they are currently at moved them up to level 8. We are considering switching...
  11. D

    Acceptable reason to give coaches for switching gyms?

    I thought of just posting this to coaches and/or gym owners, but I believe there are a lot of parents and gymnasts, etc., who may have great insight in the matter. If you were a coach/gym owner and a gymnast you feel you've invested more personal effort because you believed she had promise...
  12. C

    Canada Switching to USA Program

    Someone recently told me that within the next few years Canada will be switching over to US system of Compulsory Levels 1-6, then 7-10 Optionals. Anyone know if there is any truth to this statement???
  13. C

    For Coaches Switching programs...is there ANY graceful way to do it?

    If this belongs elsewhere, by all means, move it. So, is there any graceful way, at all, for a coach to switch gyms? Currently I coach in a small compulsory program that has its ups and downs (rather not get too detailed publically--the internets is public, gymnastics is small, etc). But...
  14. N

    For Parents Switching gyms

    Well, I never thought I'd see the day that this would ever happen but it looks like it will. We will be changing gyms. This has not been an easy thing to deal with. Over the last couple of months, Olivia hasn't been training 100% because of a stress fracture to her ankle. Before she was...
  15. M

    For Parents Switching Gyms...Making the decision and how to leave

    Hi everyone! A little background. I have a 9year old level 6 boy. He was with the assistant coach for his level 4 and level 5 seasons....we love love love this coach...then when he moved to level 6 he got the head coach. We have lots of issues with the head coach, as do other parents...one...
  16. G

    switching your hands during glid kip ?

    I just stared the glide kip a little while ago and its getting there i just need to get my hand on top of the bar !!!! I just can,t seem to get them on top of the bars soon enough to kip up ? everything ells is pretty much set! Is there any drills to help pop get my hands on top of the...
  17. K

    Switching Coaches

    I just wanted to get different opinions on what you guys think I should do about a sticky situation. As I said I really want to compete and so do the other 2 girls I mentioned. The problem is although I love my coach that has been working with me for about 2 years now and I've definitely...
  18. J

    For Parents STILL pondering switching from USAIGC to USAG

    So, we're looking at doing level 5 USAG next yr OR another yr in USAIGC bronze . . specializing on floor and beam silver. Sort of at a lost . . . everyone (parents) is telling me I need to switch to USAG and that another yr in USAIGC is a waste of time. BUT how do you go from BHS on beam to...
  19. J

    For Parents Switching gyms mid-season?

    Last night was . . . beyond words.:mad: 7 girls out of 23 came to practice and when the director left (30 min into practice) it was pure chaos. They didn't do much of anything. I walked in to find DD trying to do front ariels . . . no spot . . . no correction . . . no help . . . I stopped...
  20. maeghansmom

    Switching between USAIGC & USAG

    My daughter was previously a level 5 gymnast but did not obtain a qualifying score to move to level 6 before changing gyms(our previous gym closed) At our new gym she is doing USAG Prep Opt and also USAIGC Silver. In Prep Opt she is doing handsprings, layouts, and full turning jumps on floor...