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  1. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    The last TOPs testing is this weekend, and the score cut-offs won’t be released until after then. Anyone have any idea what scoring distributions have looked like?
  2. S

    For Parents Testing out of 7.

    Wondering thoughts about this? Regrets from people who have done this? Thanks!
  3. T

    MAG Level testing

    Hi we had our first comp today. Much fun was had. Lots of kids were LT, our comp was L2. The ones that passed do they now compete at a L3?
  4. bogwoppit

    Iceland's rigorous testing Covid 19

    I love Iceland, it is such an interesting country, on so many levels. Their testing has really brought up some great stats. What do you think...
  5. A

    For Parents Testing

    My little girl is on the gymnastics squad (team for those in America) She is 6. We got an email saying they will he tested next month to decide whether they stay on the squad. Wondering if anyone knows what type of tests they will be given?
  6. A

    For Parents TOPs Testing

    Hey everyone, I just joined the group (I should have done this years ago because i know nothing about gymnastics....). My daughter is testing as a 9-year old in the TOPs program. We just had a mock meet and she received scores, but I have no idea what a good score is, or what would be a score...
  7. C

    For Parents Subconscious sabotage before testing?

    I was wondering what you all think about this... my older DD is 9 and training level 7 for the second time. The first time was exactly a year ago; she got all her skills on time for testing and then "lost" the giant the week of testing. She went back and forth with the skill and ultimately...
  8. J

    For Parents National Testing

    Hello, Does anyone know how the formula to calculate scoring from National Testing? Also, any idea of a typical cutoff score? Thanks!
  9. F

    WAG TOPS National Testing Open to Parents

    TOPS National Testing can now be watched by the parents. Parents were never allowed to watch when it was held at the ranch. I'm wondering if this means parents will be able to watch invite and devo camps as well?? Not holding my breath on that one though.
  10. J

    For Parents Tops testing results

    are the scores posted anywhere?
  11. F

    For Parents TOPs testing .. how's it going?

    Hey all! As many of you know we are in the trenches of TOPs testing this month! How's everyone doing? We never know as everything is confidential.. we don't see testing or scores so it's a waiting game! Lol! My favorite!! ( not ) I would post this in the TOPs/HOPES group, but I've been waiting...
  12. Carrie Roberts

    WAG 7 year old TOPs Testing

    Hi all! I'm new to the group so I just wanted to introduce myself. My oldest dd is a 7 year old competitive gymnast and she is the one and only ever gymnast to test for TOPs at our gym. I just wanted to check to see if there are maybe any other 7 year old tops mommas on here and see if we...
  13. G

    For Parents TOPs Age For Testing

    What is the cutoff for when a child must be 8 to test as an 8 year old? Is it at the time of summer state testing or is it by the end of the year? My daughter has a fall birthday and was invited to train TOPs and I was wondering if she would be testing as a 7 or 8 year old next summer, since she...
  14. caligymdad

    For Parents TOP's Testing

    Hello all. Wanted to check in and see how TOPS's testing is going and wondering why only 3 tests this year.
  15. S

    For Parents How is 2016 TOPS testing going ?

    What kind d of scores are being given? Just trying to get an idea what is needed to qualify?
  16. GymDad9.9

    WAG TOPS State Testing

    my daughter is on her gym's TOPS Team and she is 8 and it is her first year doing TOPS Team. The gym's TOPS Team is given high priority in the gym with an eye towards State testing. However, the issue is the gym is not prepared to fully commit to State Testing every year as a matter of course...
  17. G

    WAG Tops state testing dates

    Are all tests required to be done by end of July in each state?
  18. L

    WAG Sophia HOPES Testing Results

    So after two years of injuries and training and will she or won't she test, Sophia successfully passed her HOPES compulsory and optional test in Vegas. Comps were 36.5 (needed a 33) and Optionals were a 53.5 (needed a 49) She broke her big toe mid january and her routines were modified to...
  19. F


    Any word on when results will be posted! The last two years were on 8/18 and 8/20. Maybe this year will be today 8/19. Who else is on pins and needles!!!!
  20. Chloerose

    For Parents TOPS state testing completed

    This was my dd first time testing and I am happy it's over. Overall it was a great experience and she can't wait for next year when she gets to compete as an 8 yr old and test on skills. For all those that tested I wish your little ones the best of luck!! Now the fun starts on waiting if they...