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  1. novagymmom

    For Parents Question about Tiger Paws

    Another thread on here got me curious about Tiger Paws. My daughter is a L9 and several of the other 8/9/10 girls have them, but I certainly wouldn't say the majority. From reading the other thread, I started thinking that perhaps it would make sense to wear them proactively (to reduce...
  2. SOCOgymnast2006

    More wrist support question...

    Hey guys! Thanks for the info on golden hands, but now I have another question (sorry)!! I have heard you can only buy sand colored supports for meets, is this true? They are out of sand in my size, is it a deduction if i get a color that matches my team leo? Thanks!
  3. SOCOgymnast2006

    Where to buy Tiger Paws

    Hello! My wrist has really been giving me trouble lately, I figured it would just go away so I didn't really do anything about it. My coach finally asked what was wrong with my tumbling and after explaining my wrist she suggested using my friend's Tiger Paws. They really helped and I need to buy...
  4. MaryA

    WAG Wrist guards? Tiger Paws, etc.

    My daughter has to do a product review for school and has chosen a Tiger Paws wrist guards. She needs to talk about what materials are in them, and it says very little on their website except that they are "split grain leather." Also, she's supposed to talk about it's competitors. Does anyone...
  5. krisnkids

    WAG Tiger Paws

    Does anyone know of people using tiger paws for other sports? After my daughter gets out of her cast I want her to have some support and the typical braces don't allow for full use of the hand like tiger paws do. Sent from my SCH-I510 using ChalkBucket mobile app
  6. G

    panda paws or tiger paws - difference?

    one has the open part on the front and one on the back? (i think? - or or tiger and panda the same configuration different brand?) what is the effect difference on the wrist and what it protects? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. livelifetumble8dx

    Tiger Paws

    Hello :) When i started gymnastics, my wrist always hurt after being on them after a little bit of tumbling ( wouldn't really consider it tumbling, considering it was level three?) Now in level four, i often have to shake my wrist out after doing backhandsprings and such. I just got over a...