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  1. B

    MAG Tkatchev vs clear hip tkatchev

    So my coach said he was thinking about me trying clear hip tkatchevs. Reason being he believes there should be less to go wrong and less possibility of injury/big falls compared to giant tkatchevs. Also our bar is a rec bar and doesn't go high enough for me to giant anymore (don't worry, I go to...
  2. J

    For Coaches paks, jaegers, tkachevs, gingers

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me some drills and ideas on any progressions for the pak salto, jaeger, tkachev, ginger. Have trouble finding much info abouot these moves. We have one girl currently working the pak, we started out on to fat mats bit higher than the low bar, and have...
  3. G

    Text Book Tkatchev

    I absolutely love a beautifully executed tckatchev. For you level 9s and 10s out there trying to learn this release, check out the youtube video link I found. It shows a University of Arizona recruit's bar routine executing a text book tkatchev. Notice the incredible height she gets and her...