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  1. JBS

    WAG USA Gymnastics 2022+ TOPs Program Discussion

    I just wanted to open up a thread to talk about the new TOPs program and see what everyone thinks about it initially? You can find the intro letter here... You can find the new TOPs program here...
  2. M

    For Parents National TOPs Scores

    Anyone have an idea of how scores are looking for this year after testing? I know last year's camp cut offs were higher than years before. Any guesses would be appreciated!
  3. G

    For Parents Gym Decisions and Need Advice

    My Daughter is six and very strong. She’s been training for TOPs testing when she turns 7. She is at a small gym with great Elite results. They qualified more kids than any small gym in the country. However, we have been upset lately with the gym for decisions regarding holding back team girls...
  4. AlijahsMom

    For Parents TOPS and Levels question

    Hi, This is my first post, but have been lurking on here and some fb pages. I've been wondering though, is there any correlation to TOPS and Levels. I've read some threads where parents mention 8-10 year olds being Level 6 or 7 testing for TOPS. Even one where the daughter was 9 or 10 and...
  5. F

    For Parents TOPs testing .. how's it going?

    Hey all! As many of you know we are in the trenches of TOPs testing this month! How's everyone doing? We never know as everything is confidential.. we don't see testing or scores so it's a waiting game! Lol! My favorite!! ( not ) I would post this in the TOPs/HOPES group, but I've been waiting...
  6. G

    For Parents TOPS

    How do I join the TOPS/HOPES social group?
  7. GYM0M

    For Parents National TOPS testing

    Just wanted to say good luck to all the gymmies at National TOPS testing this weekend!!!! My daughter (& teammates) have pretty much been either a basket case or zombies this week! I'm sure all these girls have worked really hard and I just want to remind everyone that as their parents, it is...
  8. JBS

    WAG 2014 TOPs Cutoff Scores

    I saw another thread that listed the 10 year old cutoff as a 82.47 for TOPs national testing this year. Does anyone know what the cutoff for the 8 & 9 year olds?
  9. R

    WAG What is the point/ positive of TOPS?

    Just curious as I have no experience or real knowledge of the program. DD's gym does not participate in it, yet (to my eyes) appears to have a highly successful program. Lots of optional girls, lots of 10's, tons of recruiters in the gym all the time- it looks like pretty much all of the girls...
  10. gymmom8772

    For Parents How does TOPS work in your gym?

    DD's gym is considering putting together a real TOPS program with the goal of having the girls make it to testing. They've tried it before but it seems that if 3-4 hours a week are not devoted to TOPS, it doesn't seem to really go anywhere. The problem also is having the time to do it in...
  11. M

    TOPs B camp moved discussion from TOPs camp thread

    If there are declines to go to camp, does anyone know if they go down the list to fill the spots for B camp? I know at the parents' meeting at the ranch, Gary Warren said he'll need 70 in the B team to cover all expenses (i.e., fees of national coaches, travel, room and board, etc.) FYI: 9 yo...