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  1. G

    For Coaches training hours for TOPS and elite pathway gymnasts?

    For any coaches/clubs who have elite pathway programs, training TOPS gymnasts or are training young gymnasts with a lot of potential, how many hours do your girls train a week? I have 5 girls on my team (ages 6-8) who seem to have a lot of potential and i’m trying to get a sense of what it takes...
  2. P

    For Parents Training hours and cost

    I am curious, how many hours a week does your upper level optional gymnast train and what is the monthly cost (excluding meet fees, leotards, travel, etc.)?
  3. O

    For Parents Training hours during school time.

    How do you feel about elementary aged kids missing school for practice? My daughter will be training level 4 next year and one of her scheduled gym practices is a school day 12-4. I hate this. I expressed concern to competitive manger and they are not willing to change time, not willing to let...
  4. T

    For Parents Training hours

    Just out of curiosity, how many hours do your 5-6 year old competition gymnasts train for per week? Thanks
  5. G

    For Coaches Pre team training hours

    Hi all, im a young coach and ex-competitive gymnast with three years experience coaching competitive gymnastics. This is my first time developing a pre team from the beginning all on my own. They are 5-7 years old and they’ve been training 4hrs a week (2hrs 2 days a week) since august and from...
  6. D

    For Parents Training hours for a 7-8 year old

    I’m curious as to how many training hours would you consider to be appropriate for a 7-8 year old competitive gymnast, training xcel gold. Xcel is used in place of the lower level JO levels in her gym. How many hours do you think would be too many for this age? I have my own opinion on this but...
  7. Kyra

    advice for gymnast on training hours and possible gym swap?

    Hi, I recently turned 17 and started gymnastics when I was 14. Before that, I taught myself to master most of the basics (cartwheel, forward and back walkover, handspring, 1 min handstand hold) and was always flipping around at home. When I started gym I quickly got moved into a squad which...
  8. A

    WAG Training hours

    Sorry, I know variations of this have been posted a lot, but I haven't exactly seen the answer to this: What are the minimum hours of training you have seen/know about for someone to qualify as elite? And at what age do you need to start doing those hours? How many hours are necessary at...
  9. F

    WAG Ideal training hours

    I didn't want to hijack the post about USAG regulating training hours so I started a new thread. In your opinion, what would be a reasonable/safe/ideal amount of training hours for young children? I know each child is different and can handle different amounts, but I'm wondering what people...
  10. T

    WAG Could USAG limit training hours?

    I know that USAG has an age requirement for some levels to protect young gymnasts. While it’s highly unlikely and I imagine would be very difficult to monitor, would they ever consider capping training hours based on level to protect young gymnasts from overuse injuries and early burnout?
  11. A

    For Parents Training hours for levels 6/7

    How many hours do the level 6/7s train at your gym? I feel like our gym has high training hours for compulsories but then they are on the low end for the beginning of optionals. Thanks!
  12. T

    For Parents Xcel Bronze training hours

    what are typical xcel bronze training hours. We opted for xcel due to reduced hours and dds other varied interests. The new schedule has her group training two 3hr sessions, side by side with xcel silver. Also they train until 8:30pm and her bedtime is 8 (she just turned 8 and will be in third...
  13. G

    WAG Summer Training Hours

    How many hours a week are you training in the summer? As a level 7 gymnast is 22 hours a week on par with other gyms?
  14. F

    WAG Training hours per age

    I’m hoping to get feedback from coaches and other parents regarding opinions on appropriate training hours per age. Our dd has been asked to move up a training level but I think the hours are unreasonable for her age. She is 6 and the level they would like her to train at trains 12.75 per week...
  15. Peachy88

    For Parents Training Hours at 5 years old

    I have posted about my 5 year old before when we were having gym difficulties. They have not really gone away, but we are learning to work with what we have. I am pretty excited for her because she is training with the Level 3s now (she can't compete until next year) 4 hours a week and 1 private...
  16. E

    New Grades and Training Hours.

    It seems like dd's group will be doing the new grades next year, she will either do 6 or 5, the coach has told the girls a little about it and the have begun work on the range and conditioning side of things. How many hours on average are needed to train for these grades? My dd's group...
  17. E

    WAG Training hours for Level 7

    I am no a gymnast myself, although I was involved several years as a kid and my little sister is doing it. Just out of curiosity (I am studying sports science and recently started being really interested in gymnastics!) I have a question. There is a gymnast with these routines, not aiming for...
  18. gymbeam

    For Parents so, about USGA training hours recommendations...

    ...Our gym called a parent meeting a few weeks ago and informed everyone that there are now USGA recommendations for the number of hours that a gymnast should be training. The impetus, supposedly, was safety and insurance. It was explained that if someone gets hurt at a meet and USGA finds...
  19. mariposa

    WAG Do your daughter's summer training hours increase?

    Just wondering if your daughter's hours increase in the summer and if so, by how much? So, what is your daughter's level and school year hours vs. summer? My daughter is a level 7, training for level 8 next season. During the school year they train 19.5 hours a week and during the summer...
  20. C

    For Parents Training hours for a 5 (almost 6) year old?

    Hi Everyone, Our DD competed IGC Copper this year and had a great season. The coaches just gave out new group recommendations and want DD to move over to USAG and start training 10 hours a week, up from the 4 hours she trains right now. Our concern is with her being so young. I know kids can...