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  1. D

    Parents Training hours for a 7-8 year old

    I’m curious as to how many training hours would you consider to be appropriate for a 7-8 year old competitive gymnast, training xcel gold. Xcel is used in place of the lower level JO levels in her gym. How many hours do you think would be too many for this age? I have my own opinion on this but...
  2. M

    Parents College training schedule?

    Does anyone know a typical training schedule for college athletes? Meaning-- Do they take time off after a competitive season? If so how long? Can anyone point us in the right direction to read this? My daughter's doctor is requiring a 6 week break after her competitive season and you can...
  3. NutterButter

    WAG Summer Training for College Athletes

    Parents and coaches of collegiate gymnasts - I have questions for you all regarding summer training. What does training look like for your DD or college gymnast while they are home for the summer? Do they train with their former JO teammates? Are they part of a separate college training group...
  4. tooL62as

    WAG First practice training optional

    I know someone who is really nervous about training optional, competed 5 last season, any tips? If anyone knows any confidence boosting books or anything like that I would love that.
  5. JBS

    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    Any girls teams out there weight training. I am looking to start weight training with some athletes and wondering if anyone has any tips? Been looking at some of Ellie Blacks posts...
  6. B

    WAG training level 9/10 concerns

    What training equipment is necessary to safely and effectively train a level 9/10? Are pits to tumble into really that necessary? What about coaching ability? How important is it to have a coach who can spot?
  7. N

    Good day. New member here. I hope I can ask questions to help with my "homebased training" :-) Nice to sort of meet you all!

    Good day. I am a mid 30s adult trying to learn a handstand. Before I started any sort of tricks training, I made sure I was in my normal weight range. After quitting my office job this May to be with my little kid all day, my strength and cardio weekly routine took a turn for aiming for a...
  8. O

    WAG Anyone currently training at Zenith in Texas

    Hoping to talk to parents of optionals at Zenith to ask some questions. Anyone willing?
  9. Manauia

    Anyone know of a good online gymnastics program for level 4. & 5 training?

    as My girls stay socially distanced I was wondering besides the conditioning list our coaches give them, are there good online videos they could watch to keep them interested? Conditioning list can become quite monotonous. And a little motivation and good coaching online would probably save them...
  10. S

    Return to Training

    Has anyone received any guidance about returning to training in the UK yet?
  11. dan129834

    MAG Need advice for strength and flexibility training

    Hey guys, i posted here about becoming a pro gymnast, i've been working out in gym for 5 years and got more interested in gymnastics. What i currently wanna do is change my workout routine but i need some assistance with exercises and routines. Now because im in the gym, i want to take advantage...
  12. Kyra

    advice for gymnast on training hours and possible gym swap?

    Hi, I recently turned 17 and started gymnastics when I was 14. Before that, I taught myself to master most of the basics (cartwheel, forward and back walkover, handspring, 1 min handstand hold) and was always flipping around at home. When I started gym I quickly got moved into a squad which...
  13. RingaDing

    MAG Boys Home Training Programme - Feedback - Covid Addition

    Hi All, (realised I posted this in the wrong forum, sorry!) (TLDR: The Plan I created with the help of several coaches is attached and I'd appreciate any feedback on any imbalances! :) ) First post here but I've been lurking for 2 years or so now. My DS (6) has never been considered a gifted...
  14. skschlag

    MAG Home Training

    What kinds of things are your boys doing for home training? This is such a strange time. D is doing zoom with his team 3 times a week. He works out 2 times a day. Once in the morning, mostly stretching and therapy, and then longer, more intense in the afternoon. Me...I need to get off my...
  15. kimute

    Olympic hopeful training?

    Are Olympic hopefuls and/or elite gymnasts training at gyms or just making due with home conditioning like our mere mortal optionals?
  16. W

    WAG Simone Biles training a Yurchenko double pike

    Hey! I recently came across a video of Simone doing a Yurchenko double pike into a pit on YouTube. I think that’s super cool and a bit insane! I don’t know if she’ll ever actually compete it but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. It was just something so fresh with all of the twisting vaults we...
  17. D

    Parents Younger girls training with older girls

    My daughter is changing gyms. The gym that we choose is putting her in a level with a wide range of ages, some who will be 6-7 years older than her. She is 6 years old and will hopefully have a few kids close in age to her, but I suspect she will be the youngest. She is not exceptionally...
  18. Z

    Training routine structure help

    Hello fellow gymnasts. Used to do gymnastics myself when I was way younger a lot. Now for the last 4 years been trying to get back to it as much as possible. I can still do some basic skills that I have learned at young age - straddle planche, various handstand routines, pirouettes. I am trying...
  19. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Training game: brainstorm/game design

    The other day I came up with a workout game that can be used on all events. Each basic or routine skill is worth a certain number of points (which you only get for clean execution), and each upgrade skill costs a certain number of points. Basic skills also have bonuses for specific performance...
  20. A

    WAG Training hours

    Sorry, I know variations of this have been posted a lot, but I haven't exactly seen the answer to this: What are the minimum hours of training you have seen/know about for someone to qualify as elite? And at what age do you need to start doing those hours? How many hours are necessary at...