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  1. T

    WAG MG Elite Podium Training Leo

    Did anyone else happen to see Riley’s leo for podium training? I know MG Elite pushes the boundaries in regards to their leos, but this one seems unsafe. She was constantly pulling and tugging at the top during training. I would think that this would raise safety concerns because if the gymnast...
  2. M

    MAG Strength training

    Hi, ive got a few question: I really appreciate if you take your time to read them and maybe leave a comment As a bodyweight athlet (rings gymnast) I am intrested in a strenght training where you get stronger but dont gain any (as less *** possible) muscles I have read that the intermuscular...
  3. F

    WAG Ideal training hours

    I didn't want to hijack the post about USAG regulating training hours so I started a new thread. In your opinion, what would be a reasonable/safe/ideal amount of training hours for young children? I know each child is different and can handle different amounts, but I'm wondering what people...
  4. T

    WAG Could USAG limit training hours?

    I know that USAG has an age requirement for some levels to protect young gymnasts. While it’s highly unlikely and I imagine would be very difficult to monitor, would they ever consider capping training hours based on level to protect young gymnasts from overuse injuries and early burnout?
  5. S

    WAG Not training skills?

    Hello, first time poster here! My daughter had a great level 3 season and is now training for level 4. However, she has mentioned several times now that the coaches haven’t let any of the new level 4’s practice many of the new skills. They have not done the actual front hs vault, aren't allowed...
  6. A

    Parents When does it become a problem to miss long periods of training?

    A friend of mine just started her daughter on pre-team this spring. They've changed the levels since my daughters were in it, but I'm guessing the group she's in is pre level 1 or maybe level 1, so very early on (our gym doesn't compete until Level 3 so this is a non competitive training team)...
  7. CayCaylovesgymsMomma

    WAG Looking for Training gym in France while Traveling

    I have a 10 year old daughter who is a level 5 gymnast. We will be traveling to France for three weeks to watch the women's World Cup Soccer tournament. My gymnast has an older sister that is a soccer player. While we are traveling we would like to allow my daughter the opportunity to train for...
  8. G

    im going on a holiday in Barcelona near Spain can i try training with you?

    im a gymnastic too
  9. C

    WAG training at other gyms on vacation

    I'm wondering whether it's common to train at other gyms while on vacation. Some of my daughter's teammates have done this. How do you set this up with the other gym? Do coaches welcome gymnasts from other places? Do coaches appreciate that their gymnast is trying to continue their training...
  10. S

    WAG What do your children wear to training?

    I am curious to know what your gymnastics child wears to their training sessions :)? My 8yr old goes in her team uniform and pants and even her warm up jacket which she zips right up to the top.
  11. D

    WAG Number of training days per week

    So rather then have it get buried in the other thread. Not that threads wandering is a bad thing. But I see lots of "how many hours threads?". But I really don't recall seeing, "how many days?" called out. So because I'm curious. How many days do your gymmies typically do? Around here most...
  12. M

    Parents Resources for mental training for teens

    Looking for resource recommendations for mental toughness training for my 16 year old. She has historically been mentally tough at meets and placed extremely well. The last few meets have been tough. She looks fearful, not aggressive and is commenting that she is extremely nervous and feels...
  13. R

    WAG Mental toughness training

    Hey all. I have a new L7 (about to turn 11 yo) dealing with backwards tumbling block for a while and is finally starting to see some forward progress over the last month, but still has been unable to fully compete her floor routine this year. I think with the added pressure (mostly from...
  14. C

    Parents Sources for extra training?

    Everyone here was so helpful when I was asking in reference to a gym for my boys, I thought I would see if anyone had any suggestions for some problems at my daughter’s DD just turned 10, and is currently in Xcel Gold. Her gym does not do compulsories, only AAU or Xcel, then into level...
  15. txgymfan

    OT Former elite training after having 3 children Saw this on another site and was impressed enough to share with you. Krystal Bodenschatz ( formerly Uzelac) was an elite in the late 90s, early 2000s. She is training a double pike off beam, a double layout dismount on bars , a 2.5 twist on floor (onto a...
  16. M

    Parents Safesport online training for parents

    Sorry if this has been posted about before, but I just wanted people to know that Safesport offers a free online “training” for parents. You do not access the free parent version at Safesport but rather here: I just did it, and while I think the sections...
  17. A

    Parents Training hours for levels 6/7

    How many hours do the level 6/7s train at your gym? I feel like our gym has high training hours for compulsories but then they are on the low end for the beginning of optionals. Thanks!
  18. T

    Podium Training

    anyone watching podium training?
  19. T

    Parents Balancing academics with training and... life

    Would love to get some feedback. DD just finished her first year of serious gymnastics, she's in L3 right now and is just turning 8 later this month and will be participating in competitions this year for the first time. She has been identified by the owner and coaches of the gym with loads of...
  20. H

    Training/Open Gyms

    Hi all! I am an Australian who is training WAG 5/6 (Australian levels). In January my family and I are travelling to Europe. I am hoping to be able to not lose all my skills and strength, as when I get back there are only a few months until I will compete. Does anyone know of any gyms in London...