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  1. S

    Coaches Front Handspring Vault Training and Drills

    The last time I coached, we were still using the horse. I've got some kids training Level 4 now and I would like some help with introducing the handspring vault. They have the run and the hurdle (mostly) down well. I'm having trouble getting them to block off the table. They are jumping...
  2. C

    Coaches Employee Training Program

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to build a new training program for my recreational gym. There is so much information all the new coaches need to learn. I would like new coaches to be able to coach a class for 4-6 yr old. after 2 weeks. Do you all have any advice on building a program and ways to...
  3. G

    Parents what sort of strength/skills are expected for a TOPS training group?

    I am considering looking for a gym where my DD could train tops (or the like) in a more intense program. Our gym doesn't offer a lot of hours for each level. What sort of skills/strengths would be expected of a 7.5 year old to enter a program where they train for TOPS testing?
  4. B

    Coaches Individualized training

    I've had compulsory groups for the past 4 years and for the most part they've all had to do the exact same thing at practice. Now they are getting a little older (9-12) and beginning optionals. I'd like to find a way to allow them to work on what they need to work on most, without having to...
  5. W

    WAG Level 6/7 training question

    If you had a group of girls who were training for "6/7," but no time was being spent on giants or even flyaways, would you think that they're being steered only to L6? They have been uptraining since Jan. and won't compete until Jan. 2016. They have only done giants on strap bar and only one...
  6. D

    WAG Grips Question for L7/Training 8

    My 11 year old is currently a L7 but may move to L8 mid-season. The reason for "maybe" moving up is bars! She is scoring great on all other events and has her skills for 8 solid. Here's the issue. She doesn't use grips. She is TINY. Much smaller than the average 11 year old. (She's 4'4"...
  7. M

    WAG Is this the norm for training in the TOPs, Hopes & Elite Community???

    I am really hoping that I'm not overreacting. But I'm hoping some coaches who train girls going this route or parents who's kids go this route can shed some light on this. After several trials, my dd has finally settled HOPEFULLY at her new gym home. She'd expressed the desire to go the elite...
  8. Orangesoda

    WAG Average age to begin TOPS training

    Is there an ideal age to start kids training for TOPS? How about an average age?
  9. W

    WAG Sequential Training Questions

    I haven’t heard of the term “sequential training” before, but I just saw it referenced in another post. Please forgive my ignorance... So how do you know if your gym is doing that? If a parent is observing a gym practice session, what would that look like in a four-hour practice? If a gym...
  10. onelittledream

    OT Weight Training

    DD is not at the level ( I think) where formal weight training is needed to improve perfomance. They do use wrist,ankle, tie on weights (very small ones for her) during some conditioning. But I did hear today, while picking up from open gym, some other mothers talking about going to the weight...