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  1. M

    WAG Trampoline Basics

    I am taking Trampoline classes to aid with gymnastics. I am looking for specific technique advice and body form tips. 1) As I jump on the trampoline, should I keep a Hollow Body position? Should I tuck in the abs, and tuck in the back glutes (similar to handstand) ? 2) How do I stay center on...
  2. Daisy

    For Coaches Trampoline Injuries

    I broke my arm overrotating on a frontflip on the tramp at gymnastics class. I was wondering how i could prevent something like that from happening again, and how to fall on the trampoline saftely? I dont think i will be able to do front flips on it untill i know how to stop this from happening...
  3. M

    WAG Does Circus Trampoline class help train Gymnastics?

    I wanted to take a Circus Trampoline class. Do you think this class will help with gymnastics? I always thought doing this class would be considered 'cheating, and creating sloppy technique' in real tumbling (for front flips, backflips, side spins, etc). Reason is ease of use from jumping on...
  4. R

    WAG Tramp Shoe Question

    As meet season gets a little closer, I have a question about tramp shoes. I competed eons ago and never was a fan of the tramp shoes with the strap across the top, I always had to have the slipper type of shoe. I remember disliking suede bottoms, but I managed because it wasn't the strap. Well...
  5. JBS

    For Coaches Best Trampoline Drill Videos

    Just starting a thread to put in some cool videos to keep track of...
  6. kimute

    For Parents Trampoline recommendation?

    Looks like gym will be closed for a while... Thinking of getting a trampoline for my level 9 to practice and for her little sister to play. Any recommendations? They are requesting one that is "bouncy". Thanks!
  7. G

    For Parents My daughters first ever Trampoline and Tumbling meet

    My daughter competed her first ever TNT meet yesterday. She had some highs and some lows. She received 2nd place for trampoline and double mini. Well she was happy with that. :D on the rod floor she messed up her second pass. She started too far up and didn't complete her pass before she got to...
  8. starzgymnastics

    Gymnastics Coach (Tumbling & Trampoline) and Fun Jump/Party Supervisor

    Description: As a team member with Starz Gymnastics and Trampoline Fun Center, you will have the opportunity to work in Amarillo’s most exciting tumbling and trampoline gymnastics (recreational/competitive) facility. You will primarily be responsible for coaching our recreational tumbling and...
  9. F

    Exercises for injured gymnast on trampoline?

    Hello all, So I am a trampoline coach and I have a gymnast with a broken ankle, she is coming to my class tonight to get involved with the club again, I want to let her do as much as possible however obviously she can not bounce. I have printed out a sheet of physio exercises for her to do and...
  10. Chalkygripsbloodyrips

    WAG Trampoline in Waco, TX

    I will be on Baylor University’s NAIGC team this fall, and I read that NAIGC has recently added T&T. I am interested in competing trampoline in addition to artistic AA and was wondering about where I could practice. Baylor practices at Zero Gravity gymnastics but they only have a tumble track...
  11. Nikki4

    OT Our old friend quoted in trampoline park article

    Our old friend Dunno Lol Sorry just had to share :)
  12. C

    For Parents Backyard Trampoline

    My son wants a backyard trampoline. If I decide to do this, what are the best tramps for gymnasts and how much will it cost for both tramp and installation? I dare not ask if there would be a market for this used and how would I find it?
  13. R

    For Parents Let's talk (again!) about trampoline parks

    DD was just invited to a birthday party at a trampoline park in mid-November. I hate trampoline parks because I've read about way too many accidents, and this party is right before the start of meet season. I do have a strong overprotective streak that I try to manage, so I'm battling my urge to...
  14. C

    Double Mini Trampoline

    Hello Everyone I'm new here, I'm Coach Antonio. I teach and coach in Atlanta at the Peach Pit. I'm creating a new competitive tumbling and tramp class and team. I'm looking for pre-owned equipment for a good deal. Equipment needed: Double Mini Trampoline Rod Floor at least 42' Landing Zone for...
  15. hawaii_gymnast

    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    In Alberta Trampoline use of any kind has been restricted to competitive athletes only under the direct supervision of a Level 2 certified coach. Recreational classes of any kind are allowed no trampoline use even under supervision of a certified coach. Trampoline use includes trampolines...
  16. JBS

    WAG Plankoline (Vaulting Trampoline)

    What brand is that mini tramp? Janssen-Fritsen?
  17. coachmolly

    For Coaches Tramp Board for Xcel

    Has anyone been to an Xcel meet in the last season or two that did NOT provide a tramp board/air board for Xcel sessions? For the last 2 seasons I've lugged ours around with me only to find one on site at almost every meet. However we did go to one meet that only provided 1 tramp board with 2...
  18. Jeb Jones

    For Parents Anyone have trampoline regrets?

    Tramplines OMG! I know this is a hot button topic that has been discussed ad-nausem, so I apologize for starting another thread. I'm wondering if any parents on this list have specific trampoline regrets that they would care to share. My DD has wanted a tramp since well before she became a...
  19. B

    Adult Trampoline

    I was wondering if the resident T&T crew here could shed any light on ex-artistic gymnasts transitioning to your side of the sport, especially older/adult/post college athletes. Do you have any experiences or stories to share? My dd will be competing college gym assuming her body holds up, but...
  20. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Trampoline parks

    What does your gym say about trampoline parks? Are you not allowed to go there, or is it up to you?