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  1. G

    For Parents Double full vs double back

    Can someone tell me what letter value a double full and a double back are and why one would train one and not the other?
  2. J

    Should I Quit?

    A bit of background info: I'm 15 and I've been doing trampoline for about 6 years now, 5 of them competitively. I'm at (Canadian) provincial level 4 which is the level at which you can qualify for level 5 (national). I remember that probably for the first two years I competed, I was so eager...
  3. gymnastelly10

    Back handspring on trampoline help needed!

    Hey! I've been working on my back handspring on the trampoline forever! So I have no problem jumping back and landing on my hands, but I can never land on my feet. It's like I jump back, land on my hands swing my legs over and fall onto my knees or stomach. Sometimes I accidentally twist my...
  4. cbifoja

    WAG Twisters vs. Flippers?

    I was chatting with one of our junior coaches waiting for my daughter to come out of the gym and we were watching the optionals on floor. She mentioned that some girls are twisters and some girls are flippers. Is this her opinion or a generality that is accepted industry-wide? To me, it seems...