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  1. S

    WAG Tuition cost??

    I hope this is ok to ask if not Ill delete. Ive been told Im over paying lol But I was hoping to compare if some of you wouldnt mind telling me how much y'alls tuition is. Also maybe your childs level and how many hours they train? TIA
  2. kassgymnast_

    WAG Gym tuition

    I saw another thread about gymnastics tuition and everything, but was unable to post. I'm wondering, why is everyone's tuition so high for not so many hours? Ours starts at $160 for 9 hours (this is team). The next level is $165 for 12 hours. Then $170 for 15. I go for 20 hours and this costs...
  3. L

    For Parents Monthly tuition cost?

    For those of you who don't mind sharing: I would love to hear what others pay in monthly gym tuition, what level you child is and how many hours a week they train. Thanks!!!
  4. L

    For Parents What is your monthly cost?

    Just curious what your individual monthly cost is for your gymnast. If you have more then one just list your more "expensive" one lol. Include any ballet training or privates as well their monthly actual gym tuition. I suppose we should put their level too!
  5. G

    For Parents This is an expensive sport....

    My dd trains 18 hrs per week. Their gym is having camp in a few weeks and it an extra $135. Does that seem like a lot. It is not that many more hours. Also our new leotard is $200, it is nice, but very expensive in my book. It should last a few years. Is that a lot?