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  1. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Can an aerial be a xcel gold tumbling pass

    For xcel gold can you do an aerial as a tumbling pass of do you need 2 connected flight skills?

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    With the new rules for xcel competition, I am having trouble understanding the Gold requirements for tumbling passes. I see that it says there must be two directly connected acro skills with flight in one of the passes. Would the following two passes meet this requirement: 1. Roundoff backtuck...
  3. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Are these counted as gold tumbling passes

    Would these tumble passes be fine for gold? Pass 1 Round off double backhand spring Pass 2 Fronthand spring step out round off.
  4. JBS

    Parents Featured More Options: Acro & Tumbling And College Club Gymnastics

    With all of the talk about college gymnastics lately... we thought it would be a great time to share some more options for gymnasts moving into college! Here is our latest article from our writer Jen Kula... https://chalkbucket.com/all-about-acro-tumbling-and-college-club-gymnastics/
  5. X

    NCAA Acro and tumbling colleges in Canada

    Are there any acro and tumbling colleges in Canada?
  6. reannybeanz

    Coaches Game ideas for tumbling classes?

    I coach a few classes, all with different age ranges (2-4yrs, 3-6yrs, 6-14yrs). In my younger classes, I never know what to do for the full class. I usually do lots of stretching and drag it out, then I make an obstacle course and have them do that for the rest of class. What games could I add...
  7. D

    WAG Running + Tumbling = Fear?

    I'm starting to suspect DD (Xcel Silver) has a fear, or hesitancy, of running before tumbling. Not just on floor, but she has a relatively slow vault run as well - and vault is really running + tumbling, right? I know she's a fast runner outside of gym. She's had a backwards tumbling fear...
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon Too High? Tumbling on Fx

    I have heard a coach say that the amplitude is too high on some skills (front pike, back tuck, layouts). What is too high, this is a new one for me? Is it a bright line determination or super subjective?
  9. jaleahk

    WAG Tumbling block?

    Im not sure if this is a tumbling block, but im currently working on my handspring tuck. During privates, my coach is at least 7ft away from me, as in standing on the tumble track and shes sitting down watching. I preform the skill several times and always land, of course ill do it wrong...
  10. D

    OT Tumbling in cheer vs. gymnastics

    Is tumbling for cheer - especially "sideline"/courtside cheer - taught differently than tumbling skills for gymnastics? I would think the difference in surfaces would be a factor, primarily for landing, but I could be wrong. My DS (non-gymnast) plays basketball and I've been able to see some...
  11. helllllooooooooo

    WAG opinions? (Tumbling)

    I’d like to try to get my rbhsbt sooner than later. I have my round off double backhandspring down well. I can do a round off back tuck on rod floor. Is this a reasonable request for this season???
  12. M

    WAG Do you need a back tumbling pass?

    Do you need a backwards tumbling pass for a level 9 and/or 10 floor routine? If so, do you know what the deduction is for not having one? Thanks!
  13. Mommyo2az

    Coaches Help with Xcel Silver tumbling passes

    I recently took over an Xcel Silver group, and am working quickly to get them up to where they need to be. I am having trouble with coming up with possible tumbling passes for a few up them. This group of girls won't have a backhand spring or front handspring ready for season. I was hoping to...
  14. A

    Coaches Back Tumbling Issue

    I have a gymnast that is an Xcel Gold. She struggles with a block on her back tumbling off and on. We typically try to ignore it and have her do front tumbling when this happens. Looking for some possible options. First pass: Front handspring, Front tuck, Is a front pike an option for the...
  15. spider_monkey

    Parents Moving forward with tumbling block on beam

    My dd is 12 and currently competing level 6. The past 2 seasons have been rough with unfortunate injuries, but this year she's finally injury-free. Unfortunately, past injuries have led to a backwards tumbling block on beam. She worked through some mental coaching over the summer, and was able...
  16. M

    Parents Problems with tumbling

    Hi all. I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice or reassurance or what, but I need someone to "talk" to and none of irl friends would understand or probably care. DD is a first year level 9. A month ago she was looking so ready for the season. She had a great mock meet and was leaving practice...
  17. JBS

    WAG How We Teach Front Tumbling (split from Question about Tiger Paws)

    We teach front tumbling a specific way that reduces upper extremity impact as well. I've never thought of it as a wrist saver until now... but it definitely is. If anyone is interested in that... just let me know... but that's a whole other topic. EDIT: This is a post that was split from the...
  18. E

    Parents Ectomorph and tumbling

    Hi, long time lurker. My dd7 is an ectomorph. I have read every thread that mentions ectomorph on here. She is training level 3 right now and struggles with her round off back handspring. The other girls in her group don’t share the same body type. They seem to pick up tumbling with ease. My...
  19. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Level 8 tumbling requirements

    I was wondering if someone could explain the tumbling requirements for level 8 when only 2 tumbling passes are done. Specifically pertaining to composition deductions. I have read about composition deductions occurring if only 2 tumbling passes are done unless both passes have directly...
  20. H

    WAG Xcel Platinum Tumbling

    My goal is to move to Xcel Platinum (after 3 years of Gold) next year, and I've looked over the requirements a lot. I'm confident that I understand all of them except for the floor requirements. I know you need a switch leap and obviously a turn, but for tumbling, what I'm reading says you only...