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  1. G

    WAG level six tumbling options?

    my daughter is training towards level six and we don’t know what tumbling options she has. We see everyone doing ro bhs bt but what else is out there?
  2. G

    For Parents My daughters first ever Trampoline and Tumbling meet

    My daughter competed her first ever TNT meet yesterday. She had some highs and some lows. She received 2nd place for trampoline and double mini. Well she was happy with that. :D on the rod floor she messed up her second pass. She started too far up and didn't complete her pass before she got to...
  3. starzgymnastics

    Gymnastics Coach (Tumbling & Trampoline) and Fun Jump/Party Supervisor

    Description: As a team member with Starz Gymnastics and Trampoline Fun Center, you will have the opportunity to work in Amarillo’s most exciting tumbling and trampoline gymnastics (recreational/competitive) facility. You will primarily be responsible for coaching our recreational tumbling and...
  4. G

    WAG Crooked Tumbling?

    I have my first ever gymnastics competition (Level 8) later this month. I will be competing a roundoff back handspring back tuck. The only problem I seem to have with them is my roundoff. I can't seem to tumble in a straight line when I do a running hurdle. It's my roundoff that's the problem. I...
  5. M

    WAG Tumbling without back handsprings

    Is it possible to tumble ok without back handsprings? I think my daughter has bad back handsprings, she loses power on them. Can she do roundoff- back tuck? How does tumbling work without back handsprings? Thanks
  6. N

    tumbling floors vs artistic floors

    my boys level 6 and 3 do tumbling and at the club there is only a artistic floor i’m worried about long term injuries and they complane not having space should i worry
  7. P

    Is my routine too easy??/Number of tumbling passes for level 10

    Hi, i'm about to be a first year level 10 since my level 9 season is over at the moment and recently I decided with my coach that I wanted to only compete two tumbling passes instead of the usual three next season. My tumbling is fairly weak and all I am able to manage is barely a double tuck...
  8. J

    For Coaches Coaching Front Tumbling after Sam Cerio Injury

    So I coach at a rec gym and am struggling with how to approach coaching front tumbling after Sam Cerio’s injury. I decided to only coach back tumbling this week, so I can figure out the best way to prepare for fears, questions, etc. ( more of the mental side). I know that most of my kiddos saw...
  9. RNH

    WAG Level 6 tumbling

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a deduction for landing your tuck with your feet apart (less than hip width). My daughter has had knee problems all year and we are trying to find a solution. I have read that landing with your feet this way will not cause a deduction. I...
  10. JensFlippin

    J.O. Team Acrobatics and Tumbling

    Hi all, I am a competitive team coach for J.O. Team acrobatics and tumbling. I have coached competitive gymnastics for 23+ years and I recently had an opportunity to join the coaching staff at one of the very first gyms in the nation that are 100% dedicated to training and competing athletes of...
  11. K

    For Parents Can level 9 gymnasts score well with two tumbling passes

    Hello, My DD is a level 9 gymnast. She was injured last season so only competed 1 level 9 regular season (non-state/regional) meet and scored very well with two tumbling passes. This season she is competing lev 9 and the coach has added another tumbling pass because she said with the new...
  12. A

    For Parents Level 8 Floor - is the tumbling oK?

    My daughter recently changed her tumbling and I am wondering if it is still ok for level 8- This is what she is doing : Round off Full Front handspring front layout front tuck front tuck or front tuck front lay out- I think it is the latter but sometimes I see her do the other Thank you for your...
  13. coachmolly

    For Coaches Floor Warm-ups w/Tumbling Strip

    The state where I previously lived almost never utilized tumbling strips for meet warm-ups, however it appears that is the norm in my current location. I have been to 1-2 out of state meets previously that did have a tumbling strip, but I just want to make sure I have the ins and outs of it...
  14. C

    Arms up for set-back tumbling

    Hello there. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or drills for me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep my arms up during the set for a back tuck or anything else. On a trampoline or the tumbl trak I can do it well, but when I go to the floor, I just can’t. I am a pretty powerful...
  15. Megogymnast10:)

    WAG Front tumbling

    What front tumbling can you do in xcel platinum on floor? Is front handspring front tuck ok?
  16. E

    WAG Backward Tumbling Required?

    Is it possible to meet optional level (6 -10) requirement with only front tumbling? Just curious since DD has developed block - going backwards. She did switch to xcel but seems to want more hours lately. I guess switching back to JO may not be possible though because she only competed up to...
  17. G

    For Parents Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling

    I just recently discovered the college sport of Acrobatics and Tumbling. I didn't even know it existed. Who knows more about it? Are there full scholarships available for athletes or are they generally partial scholarships?
  18. K

    WAG Arms/Shoulders by Ears on vault and tumbling

    I recently noticed that my daughter - who just finished level 4 - seems not to keep her arms by her ears during the "flight" (?) phase of her tumbling and fhs vault. On vault, as soon as she raises her hands, they're sort of in a V and she never gets them by her ears as she flies towards and...
  19. paige076

    Tumbling Help

    So I have a decent roundoff backhandspring. The problem is that I land on my toes out of the roundoff and the backhandspring. This could cause ankle injuries so I try very hard to land on flat feet. However, when I try to do that, my backhandspring undercuts and my knees bend. This also happens...
  20. P

    For Parents How to deal with dd's tumbling mental block?

    My poor dd age 10 is dealing with this at the moment (very recent issue) she can still do her bhs but apparently freezes when doing her back tuck. Although I did see her doing a double back (spotted) into the pit on Monday night. Also flick on beam seems to have gone. Im so upset for her. I...