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  1. skschlag

    MAG Tumbling shoes

    Does anyone have a kiddo that wears tumbling shoes? If so, where do you get them? Any tips? Ds would like me to get him some, but I am a little lost on it...
  2. D

    WAG Level 6 floor tumbling passes

    What front and back tumbling passes are allowed in level 6? Anything beyond RO BH BL? What beyond FH FP? Can you compete a FT FT? Daughter struggles on bars, so is repeating 6, but she does decent on floor and is looking for some new tumbling passes.
  3. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Behind on Front tumbling ... HELP

    Hello everyone, My dd is level 7 this year. Early on, even as a level 4, she has always have a hard time with front tumbling. She can back tumble all day long but when it's front tumbling, it's somehow difficult for her. She has been having a difficult time these past couple of weeks because...
  4. G

    WAG Tumbling

    To start off, none of these things aren't really for me, but I was wondering anyways. Is a gymnast allowed to not to a round off? So they would just do standing backhandspring x2 (or other numbers), then back tuck/layout/etc.? I understand it would be more challenging, but is it technically...
  5. M

    For Parents Tumbling necessary? Advice for a newbie, please :)

    Hi all! My 7 year old son has been in gymnastics for 3 months now. He is obesessed and I am kind of shocked how hard he works at this. He says he wants to become a champion gymnast lol! I really know nothing about gymnastics but would like to support him in trying to reach competition level...
  6. K

    Fear of tumbling on the air track

    Hi, at my gym we don't have a foam pit or a spring floor, but we have a long inflatable air track for our tumbling. I can do a solid round off back tuck and layout on the floor (regular ground with matting, not spring floor) but when I bring it on the air track, it becomes terrible because I'm...
  7. Aussiemum75

    Tumbling block

    Hi my DD is having trouble with her round off backhand spring. The crazy thing is she can do a standing back handspring and a fast cartwheel backhand spring but as soon as she does a round off she freezers. Any suggestions!
  8. cadybearsmommy

    WAG Do Artistic Gymnasts ever do Acro and Tumbling in college?

    I just noticed something exciting yesterday and of course now I have some questions. The college I graduated from has recently added an Acro and Tumbling team...which was news to me until I saw it browsing on their website last night. They are Div 2. Was wondering, is it common for artistic...
  9. KarahjaeTE

    Tumbling at a college level

    I am a power tumbler from Texas and I was just wondering what a good route would be if I really want to tumble in college
  10. W

    WAG Tooth fracture from tumbling?

    One of my gymnasts had to get a baby tooth canal for a fractured tooth that got infected. Apparently the dentist did not know she was a gymnast but asked the parent out of the blue when he saw the tooth. He says it happens from gymnasts who clench their jaws while tumbling and the back teeth...
  11. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG LV 7 floor front tumbling

    What else can my dd do besides front handspring punch front? For some reason her knee and hip hurts when doing punching forward on floor and right now she's ok just doing front aerial at lv6. However, they do upskills and she's not able to do these forward tumbling passes.
  12. LindyHopper

    WAG Is it unusual to be weakest at tumbling? (Longish)

    I am going to preface this with a couple things: 1) coaches are content with her progress, and are thrilled with her work ethic 2) I trust the coaches and am not worried, merely curious. Short Stack is tiny--10.5 years old and can still wear a 6X. She is also the type of gymnasts who takes a...
  13. curlygirls

    WAG L6 Tumbling Question

    Would these passes fulfill the requirements for L6 tumbling: Front handspring-front layout-front bounder Running punch front tuck Dd has beautiful front tumbling, but is dealing with vestibular issues on back tumbling, and while she's working through them in practice to prepare for L7, we'd...
  14. beachgirl

    WAG L7 Tumbling Question

    My daughter says she is doing 2 tumbling passes, FHS FLO and ROBHS full. I then asked if she was doing a 3rd pass because you have to do a BLO and she says that she doesn't have to because a full is a BLO twisted. I think the BLO has to be not twisted. None of the more recent L7s I've seen at...
  15. Delia4

    Back Tucks out of Tumbling

    I am having trouble doing back tucks out of tumbling(on tumble trak). I am mainly doing them out of round offs and I tend to kind of whip. I can do a standing back tuck off of the end of the tumble trak onto a mat of the same hight(no drop) with near perfect form, but a little more hight would...
  16. notthatmom

    For Parents Trampoline and Tumbling Parents: Question for You!

    So due to the fact that JO gymnastics may not be in the cards for us due to training hours, can you please provide some insight on your experience with T&T? There is a hymn nearby that offers this (along with cheer) I am going to take DD in for an evaluation. She already has told me that this is...
  17. meganliz77

    WAG Closed eyes while tumbling?

    Is it normal for a gymnast to close their eyes when tumbling on floor? DD mentioned last night that she sometimes closes her eyes during her ROBHS -BT because sometimes when she sees the floor it "freaks" her out. Just curious - that's all. Hoping for her sake it doesn't become problematic or...
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Tumbling, emphasizing distance vs height on saltos

    Over the last couple seasons, I've found myself putting more and more emphasis on distance and less on height, particularly for front tumbling. For their front saltos, whether from a punch or from FHS, I train them to go long, and only shoot for about shoulder height. The result is that...
  19. l.c.o

    WAG Odd question re:back tumbling vs. front tumbling

    Does back tumbling affect your back more than front tumbling? On Monday, my DD did a robhsbt and over-rotated it. She apparently managed to still land it on her feet, but reportedly tweaked her mid-back. She's been complaining on and off about pain, to varying degrees. The next day, we knew...
  20. gymmomtotwo

    WAG How possible to make way thru optionals without front tumbling?

    I have a very general question about optionals. How much front tumbling do you really HAVE to do to work your way thru the optionals? DD has what she needs for her level 6 routine, but front tumbling is a struggle, and well... back tumbling is not. Does some form of it need to be seen in every...