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  1. livelifetumble8dx

    tumbling endurance?

    im okay for most of my routine, and then i come to the end.. oh boy. the roundoff bhs bhs is killin' my scores. i either don't go for it, or i do and i like...do a bent arms and leg crunchyish...2nd bhs. My legs are like jello! my coach is also starting to get really mad, so i really want to...
  2. J

    Leading leg while tumbling

    I'm clueless when it comes to gymnastics so I was wondering if it matters what leg a child uses to lead in gymnastics. More specifically my 5yo learned her roundoff, cartwheel, and backwalkover a year ago from watching her older sister who is an all star cheerleader. She leads in her cartwheel...
  3. C

    Basic Tumbling Drills

    Hi All, This site seems to have some very good articles about basic tumbling tumblingdrills.com does anyone know of any other site that has articles about tumbling drills? kind regards, Crisium
  4. T

    New parent- tumbling mom

    Hi all! So glad to find this forum! I'm the mom to two girls, both on tumbling/tramp team. Collectively we spend about 19 hours in the gym week, so it really is our life these days. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you all!
  5. K

    For Coaches Tumbling Technique on Sprung Floor vs Un-Sprung Mats

    I'm a first-year head coach getting ready to start the high school season. I assistant coached last year, and the girls seemed very receptive to my comments and made some amazing progress in a very short period of time (the head coach was pretty useless in terms of technique). In general, I'm...
  6. M

    Artistry vs. Tumbling

    Marta Karolyi when asked at an interview inidicated she felt Aly Raisman should have won the floor event finals because she tumbled much higher than her counterparts. She indicated that the code of points did not give credit for higher tumbling. While Aly Raisman certainly tumbled higher and...
  7. All Chalked Up

    Set after a tumbling line?

    When you're in competition, are you supposed to set after you tumble? If it makes any difference, I'll be competing RO-BHS-BT and either FT-RO-BHS or RO-BHS-BHS. Thanks.
  8. C

    Examples of routines-USAG Tumbling

    Like with trampoline, athletes can attempt to qualify to Nationals starting at level 5. Levels 1-6 are compulsory (the lowest level I've ever seen competed is 2, but it's not common to start below 4), levels 7, 9, and 10 have an optional pass and a compulsory pass, and level 8 has 2 optional...
  9. I

    Tips for faster tumbling

    Are there any tips for faster round-off back handspring back handsprings? The floor at my gym is stiff so its harder tumble on. My coaches say that my second back handspring is the same speed as the first so is there any tips to make it faster?
  10. L

    Grass tumbling

    I am a cheerleader and a gymnast. I have a great round off back handspring back tuck, it has a good set and lots of power. I also have a roundoff back handspring with a very high rebound. The problem is, this is on spring floor. I asked my coach with a cheer background if I would be able to do...
  11. aerialriver

    USAG Trampoline and Tumbling routines changing?

    My coach told me the other day that the USAG T&T routines may be changing soon. I know they make changes but I thought the current routines ran through the end of 2012. She told me last time they changed them before the cycle was up. I am a bit concerned by this. Also I know they sometimes put...
  12. froggythegymnast

    Confused about trampoline and tumbling??

    hey im 17 years old and 5'2 I know how to do a round-off back handspringx2, back handspring, back tuck, back layout, front tuck, front handspring, round-off,back walkover, front walkover,cartwheel, splits-left,right,middle. And i would really like to start trampoline and tumbling but idk wat...