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  1. T

    WAG help with front layout after learning twisting

    My daughter has been working hard on her front full and now has it consistently however she now can not do a front layout - she twists every time she tries. She is so frustrated because she needs a front layout for one of her tumbling passes. She is level 9. Any tips? Her coach has not been...
  2. stxrdusty

    For Coaches Xcel Platinum Vault: What is the "correct" twisting direction for a 1/4 on, 1/4 off and other related questions

    Hi fellow coaches, this is my first full year coaching Xcel and I have some questions about teaching twisting vaults for Xcel Platinum and Diamond. The other coaches at my gym don't have experience coaching these vaults either, so I've come here looking for some more information at the very...
  3. SPX

    MAG Which level? Or can a L8 be successful without twisting?

    So ds and coach are working on figuring out what level he'll compete this year. Anything from 7 to 9 is on the table at the moment. New skills are coming fast; he really took off this summer. Twisting is his sticking point. He can sometimes twist in back rotating flips but front rotation plus...
  4. R

    WAG Round off vs twisting direction

    Hello All - I have read all the other threads on this topic - it has been discussed a lot but no consensus I think. Wanted to get some input from people who have faced this situation and how they resolved it ? DS has right round off and left twisting. He has done 2 years comp gymnastics and 2...
  5. harryholm

    For Coaches twisting ring belt

    Hi, I´m a former gymnast from Sweden who decided to build a small room for gymnastics at a gym where I work. I manage to collect the tumbling floor, trampolines, mattresses, and all the basic stuff that I needed but there is one thing I really want and that is the " Twisting ring belt". The...
  6. emmagraced31

    WAG Hips twisting in aerials

    Hi I’m a former gymnast and a dancer who has been working on improving my side aerials and front aerials! My hips keep twisting and don’t want to stay square when I land my aerials do you have any tips or drills that might help this problem? I know I have naturally super flexible hips not sure...
  7. H

    Twisting in back handsprings

    Hi, I've been trying to learn my back handspring for about 3 months now, but I can't seem to get it right. I've been practicing with those round/octagonal barrel things and I can do it fairly well with them or when someone is spotting me. But when I try to do it on trampoline or tumble trak...
  8. FVSgymnast

    Twisting Direction - help please!

    Hi I'm UK based, and am currently starting to add twisting to my tumbling passes. I cartwheel and round off on my left (foot forward), but my natural twisting direction appears to be right (full twist jump on floor, swivel hips etc). According to other people on the internet a left round-off is...
  9. S

    WAG Confused about twisting direction

    I searched and read the threads about this, but I am still confused as a former gymnast who never made it to twisting! My dd is what I believe is a gymnastics lefty. She roundoffs lefty (left hand down first), left leg front split is easier than right leg front split, BWO and BHS SO have left...
  10. Jard.the.gymnast

    For Coaches How to initiate the twist in front twisting

    I got the get go from HC to start them twisting into the pit from the trampoline. However I am not sure how to initiate the twist. Every time I try to I only get to a quarter twist or so. How do you initiate twisting?
  11. A

    For Coaches Prescriptive advice for side travel during twisting saltos? (video)

    Hey all! This is my first post on ChalkBucket, I was unsure whether to put this in coach or gymnast, I would say I'm more of a coach than a gymnast at this point. I only train for maybe 2-3 hours a week on my own but I coach for 30+ hours. Anyway, what I am taking about can clearly be seen in...
  12. Miss Alyssa

    For Coaches Twisting Cartwheel - help!

    I coach rec classes mostly beginners ages 5 - 12. One student in particular, although i have a few other cases, is having trouble with her cartwheels. Instead of facing toward the way she came at the landing she is twisting her hips out and landing in a squat facing forward. I see the issue...
  13. A

    WAG Mixed dominance twisting direction?

    So my youngest DD (9), finished her season as a Level 4 this year. I have posted in the past about her older sister, (the Level 8). So lil one is a lefty gymnast. Best split is left, cartwheels left, full turns left, and round offs left. I was sent a video of her doing a really nice full on the...
  14. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Front twisting question

    DD back twisting..(fulls and doubles) with both arms straight down by hip she twists towards. She does this very well. However when doing front twisting she has trouble not twisting right off the floor and she doesn't twist nearly as fast. Another gymnast told her to keep one arm up and pull...
  15. cbifoja

    WAG How different are front and back twisting?

    My DD is going on nine months of a serious mental block with back twisting. She used to have a beautiful 3/2 and then one day, just no longer could do it. Over the past nine months, she has repeatedly gotten it back for a day or two, just to lose it again for months. I think things are...
  16. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Twisting progressions

    Context: @Rick McCharles recently posted this on, as well as a similar video for doublefulls. I've generally favored introducing back twisting starting with a very late twist, and allowing the twist to gradually initiate earlier and earlier, mainly to avoid the problem...
  17. G

    WAG Twisting opinion nightmare

    Dd had a half and was just getting a full when we had to switch gyms. She's a 10 year old level 7/8. We are on international assignment, and rotate between 3 gyms. She does a round off to the right, right hand down first. Here's the problem: Gym A: Lets dd chose her own twist direction...
  18. Along4theRide

    WAG Twisting

    Is there a certain direction a gymnast should twist when tumbling? For instance, if a gymnast is "left footed", should a round off back handspring layout half automatically twist in a certain direction? If so, which way?
  19. cbifoja

    WAG Different twisting style

    I was hoping someone could explain why different gymnasts look different while twisting. When DD does a full, she spins so fast that she blurs. The skill is over before you realize it. But a teammate of hers looks like she has all the time in the world. She lays up, does a very elegant...
  20. CoachMeg

    WAG Mental block w/ twisting + going backwards?

    Hey everyone! Long time no talk ;) So I have a question mainly for coaches, but parents are welcome to answer as well if any of their gymnasts have gone through something similar. I was tempted to put this thread in the coaches forum but decided against it as this open forum gets a lot more...