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  1. A

    WAG Uneven bars installation help?

    Hello! we are moving locations for our gym and it was a rushed ordeal. One thing that is holding us back is figuring out how to install our AAI uneven bars set into a basketball court style floor. it seems to be wood with potential concrete underneath. I have no clue how to go about this- any...
  2. gymnasticsinmyblood

    WAG How do I use uneven bars without hurting my rips?

    my coach tried taping over them and I wore my grips as well, Nope still hurt like I didn't even have the tape on! my coach tried liquid bandage but it came off!! What should I do to help it be less painful for me to use uneven bars?
  3. Tjr28

    WAG At home uneven bars

    Hi. My daughters (ages 10 & 8) would like uneven bars or at least 1 bar that can be lower or higher at home. We have a pretty nice home made one but it is just a metal bar and is not the best on the kids hands and legs. When looking online most seem small and not heavy duty and since the girls...
  4. JBS

    WAG Small Circles On Uneven Bars By Al Fong

    This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time... What does everyone else think?
  5. JBS

    WAG Kip Cast Handstand Tower (gymnastics drill for uneven bars)

    I figured I would start posting some of drills and systems that we use in the gym as that is what ChalkBucket is all about. ChalkBucket was created in 2005 to help everyone learn more about gymnastics. The cast handstand tower is a great way to practice cast handstands on uneven bars without...
  6. JBS

    WAG Nina Derwael Uneven Bar Uneven Bars

    Here's a fun video for all you bar fans to watch right now. Nina Derwael rocks!
  7. M

    How can I learn a giant on the uneven bars?

    Hi there, I am an older and taller (5'1) level 7 gymnast and I really want to learn a giant. I have been doing strap bar giants for a year and they are ready to move onto the wood bar. This was my first year competing level 7 and I had two free hips in my routine to fulfill the requirements...
  8. A

    WAG Uneven Bars dismounts

    Our first meet is coming up next weekend and we have several girls who just can’t seem to get the skills they need to meet the requirements for their level. Before you ask why the girls simply don’t compete at a lower level, I am going to say that decision is made by the gym owners and not us...
  9. JBS

    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    NOTE: This conversation was split out of the following thread... https://www.chalkbucket.com/forums/threads/jo-code-changes-2018-2022.62666/ ------------------------------ For boys it's much easier compared to girls... bar height and lack of a low bar are major.
  10. Aero

    For Coaches Specific uses for ankle weights on uneven bars.

    So, I've been mulling around the idea of using ankle weights on bars in a select few scenarios. I wanted to see what you guys have all personally had experience with. So, the first scenario would be to aid gymnasts training cast handstands with the legs together technique. I was thinking it...
  11. B

    WAG Bruising and bleeding from uneven bars?!

    Okay I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct area. I'm a parent of a 10 year old gymnast who just started at a new gym and she is getting more rigorous training, luckily. They are getting her caught up on the uneven bars and she has bad bruising and bleeding in her...

    For Parents Grips for uneven bars

    Hi everyone, my daughter is currently training in Canada, she would be like a level 7 in U.S. The thing is, she is tiny, she is 7 turning on 8 in 3-4 months. Small and light. under 48 inches and around 47 pounds I believe. She is trainging hard at every apparatus but seems...
  13. G

    For Parents Proper Distance apart of uneven bars

    I am new to this forum and was wondering if there is a recommended distance that the low and high bar are separated according to a gymnast's height. My daughter is 53" and is training to compete level 5. They recently are forcing her to use a bar set that is further apart (height from the...
  14. Z

    Uneven Bars

    As amazing as our young women and the rest if this year's group is, I am curious where they rate in the history of the bars. DD and I were watching some uneven bar routines for the past 40 years or so. I honestly have little concept of what moves are really hard and which are really, really...
  15. E

    For Coaches Thumb position - uneven bars

    How do you teach your gymnasts to grasp the bar? I always assumed that except for pirouetting skills, maybe catching a Pak/overshoot and front giants, the thumb is placed on the same side as the other fingers. However, I've had coaches tell me they teach their little gymnasts to switch the...
  16. M

    Uneven Bars - Rio Qualifications

    Is anyone else nervous about how this is going to play out? My fear is that Laurie will end up getting cut out of the AA race over this. Obviously Simone will be doing AA in quals, and almost certainly Aly as well. That leaves two bar slots, and Gabby + Madison would bring in the highest...
  17. C

    WAG Please help me identify this uneven bars skill??

    It seemed wrong to post in the skills directory when I don't know what I'm talking about so I hope here is OK? I was chatting with a super talented gymmie (not mine) who was telling me her favorite skill on uneven bars is called a "sanderluker" or "sam deluca"?? She has no idea how it might be...
  18. Hannahmariee00

    WAG Hand "adjustment" issues on uneven bars..?

    Ever since the beginning of spring, I have started to develop issues about how my hand placement is when I do skills (especially kips) on bars. I do not know if this is just a personal problem that I am having, but I'm trying to find somebody who can help/relate? For example, my grips (no...
  19. D

    WAG Follow up on how boys work uneven bars :)

  20. leotardmakermum

    WAG peach jam - uneven bars

    What on earth is a peach jam, done on uneven bars? The things my daughter comes home telling us she's been learning, sometimes I just wonder if the coaches make up ridiculous names specifically to bamboozle us. Any videos that people can point me to? I looked in MostepanovaFan's guide to...