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  1. E

    Help With Cast to Handstand

    Hi, I am hoping to compete level 7 next season, but I have some problems with my cast to handstand. I have made it to handstand about 3 times before, each a few months apart. Each time I make one, I can't do another one for a long time. Another thing I have trouble with is coming back to the...
  2. B

    For Coaches Finishing warm-up/assignments

    Do you require that an event warm-up or assignment be completed before the gymnast is allowed to move on to the skills/assignment for the day? I'm specifically thinking of bars and I give the girls a different warm up each day (ex. Push away kips, tap swings, kip-cast HS, HS holds, etc). But...
  3. JAO

    WAG Flyaways!

    Latest JAO Video tutorial for anyone interested:
  4. MBJ974

    WAG Getting to attempt giants between the bars

    My dd will compete level 7 for the first time in about six weeks. Her giant on bars looks great - straight arms/legs, good body position and a nice tap. However, she does miss it once out of about seven times. Her coach tells her that she needs to get it more consistently. Yesterday at...