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  1. GymRays

    For Coaches USAIGC Bronze beam and copper 1/2 floor

    I'm new to USAIGC. In Copper 1&2 on floor I see a SR that says Handstand Element -stretched position (min 1 sec hold). What skills would this include aside from just a handstand? Or is it meant to be just a handstand or handstand roll? Also for Bronze and Diamond beam it says isolated split...
  2. G

    WAG Switching USAIGC to USAG

    Hi my daughter is switching from USAIGC to USAG - she is USAIGC diamond and told she is USAG 6/7. Does she have to score out of levels 4, 5 before she can compete at USAG L6? She is 11. Are there updated rules around this somewhere I can find?
  3. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Switching from USAIGC to NGA

    Our gym announced today that we will be switching from USAIGC to NGA for the upcoming season. I looked at their website briefly, and plan on sinking my teeth into it later, but does anyone have any feedback yet? Thanks!
  4. ValeryeM

    For Coaches USAIGC A & B Level skills

    Are bronzes allowed to do more than 1 B level skill on floor? We have a cheat sheet that says 5 As 1 B and idk if that’s just so they score better or if they’re only allowed to do 1 B level skill.
  5. ValeryeM

    WAG USAIGC Skill Level Requirement ( I - D )

    I’m a coach for USAIGC and am having a hard time figuring out what level skills the girls can do in each level. For Copper 1 & 2 they aren’t allowed to do any B skills But what about for Bronze? Can they do B skills or is it strictly just A until they get to Diamond and above. I’m asking...
  6. RNH

    WAG Does anyone do USAIGC?

    Hi, Hope all are well. My daughter just switched from USAG to USAIGC. Was wondering if anyone can tell me how many hours a week Silvers practice at their gym, how many girls on team and how many coaches. [email protected]
  7. katelyn..gymnast


    so i got into bronze and i want to know what level it would be in usaigc. people say bronze is only a level 2 but i think that is very low looking at the skills i have. i have a front tuck, round off handspring, squat on, long hand pullover, under swing, sole circle off high bar, cartwheel on...
  8. K

    USAIGC Gold Beam

    Hi! We just finished our second meet of our season and we were told the handstand backhandspring doesn’t count as a series, although at the first meet it did but now they are saying it doesn’t. What can she do i place of that? Anyone know any good connections? Thank you
  9. K


    Hi! We are looking to change some girls routines around and we have some who recently got an uprise, they need 5as and 2bs so she will be kip cast free hip kip squat on uprise cast away flyaway Anyone in silver do this? Or do they need a free hip out of the uprise? Trying to get different...
  10. NY Dad

    WAG USAIGC World Championships - Good Luck!!

    As some of you know, USAIGC is one of the less competitive alternatives to JO. The last meet of the season is the “World Championships”, which is next week in Nashville. While it’s not difficult to qualify at my dd’s level, I’m super proud of her for all the hard works she’s put in this season...
  11. K

    WAG USAIGC Vault

    Hey everyone! Just looking to see if anyone who competes Silver in IGC and what they compete for vault.
  12. K

    For Coaches USAIGC Bars

    HI, we have been seeing alot of different bar routines at meets and wanted to see what most people do for their USAIGC bronze and silver bar routines!?
  13. T

    New USAIGC Diamond level

    Does anyone have any information about how to qualify to compete at the new Diamond Level? How they score? What gymnasts need in skills? Thank you!!!
  14. Mrs. Puma

    WAG New USAIGC rules

    I know this doesn’t affect too many, but for anyone interested, USAIGC just added some skills that can be done in some levels. I’d love to discuss with any other IGCers!
  15. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Puma Jr is USAIGC Bronze bars World Champ!

    Trifecta complete! Puma Jr is USAIGC 11 yr old Bronze Uneven Bars State, Regional and World Champ! (This is the part where I say yes I know USAIGC isn’t as competitive as JO and yes it’s a little crazy it’s called “Worlds” lol...but I’m still super happy for her! )She also is 2nd on beam. Who...
  16. Mrs. Puma

    WAG USAIGC Worlds schedule is out

    I know this doesn’t affect too many of us, but FYI here it is! Puma Jr goes Monday (6/25) at 11:45am, then if she qualifies to Bronze EF, Tuesday at 9am. Her Silver (specialist- bars and floor) is Friday at 11:45am, then if she qualifies to...
  17. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents USAIGC Regional Bar Champ x2!

    I can’t make this stuff up...the kid who took 18 months from first kip to consistent ugly kip just won bars at Regionals for both Bronze AND Silver! There were 28 kids in each of her groups, and in her Bronze session she got 8th AA. At 4:30am before her 8am Silver (specialist) session, she was...
  18. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Puma Jr is USAIGC NY State Bar Champ (again!)

    So proud of this kid...what an awesome weekend! She got her highest AA ever, good enough for third place of 20 AND her 9.6 first place Bronze bars was a personal best. She also scored her highest on Silver bars, 9.35, which was only beat by a 9.4. I thought for second she had State bar champ x2...
  19. G

    For Parents USAIGC vs. USAG

    I am new to the CB site and to gymnastics as a parent. My daughter is 8-years old and a very committed USAIGC team member in NYC. I know it's early to talk about this, because of her age, but she has expressed a desire to go all the way with her beloved sport - to college team or to major...
  20. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Question for a USAIGC judge?

    I know most people are not super familiar with USAIGC, but if there is a judge who could answer a question I'd be most appreciative! I'm just trying to understand the scoring a little better. Thanks! :)