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  1. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Will vault ever just click for DD???

    Ok…my poor kid is/has been trying to master a good vault for, well, all her gymnastics career this far! She is a level 9 (2nd year) and the coaches really want to move her to 10 but do not want her to move quite yet because her vault is..:well not good yet! She competes yurchenko (sp?) pike and...
  2. coach1234

    WAG Level 7 Vault

    Can a gymnast compete 2 different vaults at level 7 e.g Vault 1 - Handspring entry Vault 2 - Tsuk entry
  3. K

    WAG xcel platinum vault sv question

    DD is barely making plat. Since 1/2 on 1/2 off SV changed, what's a front handspring or half on's SV for the 22-23 season? Thanks.
  4. G

    For Parents Level 9 Vault

    Can a yurchenko tuck full be done in level 9?
  5. S

    For Coaches Vault Distance

    Hi friends, I was wondering about some vault distance questions about maximum allowable distance. For my golds who are doing 1/2 on or FHS, how far back from the table can they run from? For silvers vaulting over the mat stack, how far back can they be? I feel like I didn’t catch a specific...
  6. S

    WAG Vaults at 9 and 10

    Hi! My daughter is doing 7/8 this season and so vault has been on my mind a lot recently. I’m curious about the vaults where the gymnast does a front handspring off the springboard and then a tsuk or another front handspring before flipping (Whitman, Zuhlke, etc). My daughter has become...
  7. JBS

    MAG Huge Vault By Donnell Whittenburg!

    Massive vault by Donnell Whittenburg at the US Classic! For more info and results on the US Classic see the link below...
  8. D

    WAG Level 10 vault start value question

    Does anyone know what a front handspring front pike vault is worth in JO? I am talking about running and hitting the table like for a level seven front handspring and then doing the pike out of it….not doing an extra front handspring onto the springboard and then doing the front pike. (I know...
  9. L

    For Parents Level 8 vault starting values

    I'm just a gym parent and not a coach or a judge by any stretch of the imagination. But I do try to keep up with what is required so I have some semblance of understanding of the scoring at meets and where my kid might end up next year. I was under the impression that for DP level 8 you...
  10. C

    For Parents Tips on L6 beam and vault routines

    Hi folks! My daughter just had her first L6 comp this year and is looking for ways to improve her beam and vault routines. I would love to get advice from you on where she could have less deductions. I can see a few small things, but I am not experienced enough to give her detailed feedback...
  11. P

    WAG Vault table Level 5 2022 height

    I saw a lot of old posts about minimum vault table height for Level 5 but nothing updated. My daughter is 9, short, super petite. She is now vaulting with a practice squad of girls who are 11+ and is having trouble getting over the table. She says the table is too high and her coach won’t lower...
  12. Thefloorgirl

    WAG Hey, I have a fear of vault. Any tips?

    I’ve always hated vault. Beam is grace, floor is art, bars is flowy. Vault doesent fit in! I always stutter step and recently I had a bad accident on vault where my hand slipped. The thing is i always stutter step so I can’t get enough power. I get scared that I’ll miss the board on my hurtle...
  13. G

    WAG Vault Scoring: Average or best of two?

    My daughter is in Level 4 this year and I had always thought vault was scored as the best of two but her coach now thinks that they have been scored as the average of the two vaults all year. I'm curious if this rule has changed or if it is discretionary/varies by state? Also, if it is the...
  14. Anonymous Post

    Anon Help with FHS Front Tuck Vault

    Are there any coaches who would be willing to have me send you videos of my dd’s FHS Front vault, and provide feedback? We are going on 2 years of working this vault in the gym, and I feel like she could use a new perspective in order to successfully land this vault on a hard surface. Thank you...
  15. J

    For Parents Vault troubles

    So my level 3 dd majorly struggled all season on vault. She was so amazing on every other event, 36-37+ AA all season despite going low to mid 8s most of the time on vault. Was told mid season she needed to improve to be able to move up. We even added some vault specific privates to try to help...
  16. P

    WAG Shoulder blocking for vault

    Are there any other basic drills I can do at home do improve my block for vault (besides handstand pops)?
  17. D

    WAG Anyone know the start value for a tuck full yurchenko vault in level 10?

    …not sure if it is 9.7, 9.8, or 10.0 Thanks!
  18. A

    For Parents Level 8 vault

    My daughter can’t flip fast enough to land her level 8 vault. The coach said their is a front handspring that has some sort of twist that also has a 10.0 SV but I can’t find this online. Does anyone have a video they can share of this vault?
  19. pagymmom

    For Parents Level 7 Vault Scores

    Hello, First time posting here. Our daughter is doing pretty well in L7 but no matter what she does in a meet her vault score is almost always between 8.6 and 8.8. She scores in the mid 9s on all other events. This video is from her meet today and while I thought it was her best vault ever and...
  20. Mom_of_twins80

    WAG Vault running drills (studder step)

    My daughter is a level 7 (1st season) age 11. She has been doing her Yurchenko for a couple of seasons, but just recently (her coach thinks since her block) has started studder stepping. Surprisingly, she can still get some height off the Vault, but is landing almost with her feet under the...