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  1. C

    WAG Which vault is easier to flip?

    Question first, before the long tale of why I am asking! In your experience as a gymnast, coach, judge, parent, etc, is a Yurchenko or a Tsuk easier to flip? Background is that my DD broke her shoulder at the main growth plate last year, seemed to recover fine. Then this year started having...
  2. Chwh103

    Vault mental block

    I am a high school gymnast who normally competes a good half on half off vault. I’ve never had any issues with vault until this year. It used to be my favorite event but now I’m terrified of it. During practice I keep running directly into the vault after hitting the springboard. I know I can do...
  3. T

    WAG JO Code changes 2018-2022

    Anyone know what code changes will be taking place? I guess they are announcing the changes at USGA congress this June?
  4. Sari

    For Coaches Piked handstand flatback vault

    I'm looking for new drills to fix this problem with a seven-year-old. Tried tons of reverse leg lifts with legs hanging off a block as well as punching drills. Her vault is otherwise looking good, she has a lot of power coming into the board but something just isn't quite clicking yet.
  5. G

    Front Handspring Vault Help???

    I've always struggled with my front handspring vault. Honestly, I don't think it's improved much at all since I first started working on it! Anyways, my vault is terrible, I struggle to reach a complete handstand, and I never can seem to get enough flight to get to that position. If I do get to...
  6. M

    WAG Yurchenko vs. Tsuk - which one is harder?

    Is a tsukahara or a yurchenko easier to learn? which one has a higher value? DD started with tsuks last week, although she is only L6. All of the girls could do them into the pit. After practice she told me her coach said that tsuk is something really hard. It might look easy into the pit, but...
  7. B

    MAG Kaz vs Tsuk Full?

    What are the differences and reasons for doing each? Is one better than the other in the long run? Right now I'm training a full twisting tsuk but I'm not entirely sure if its a kaz or not. I round off left and twist left which makes me think it's a kaz, but Im not twisting off the table, I'm...
  8. Nico

    For Coaches Slow runner

    Dear coaches, I need your advise to increase the running speed of a slow runner on vault. When we have tests, her sprint is ok. She not the fastest, but far from the slowest runner. But when we use a trampoline, springboard, plankoline, etc., she can't run as fast as in tests. She has very...
  9. M

    WAG Springs on the springboard

    From reading previous posts, it appears the number of springs used in a springboard is based on several factors. My daughter is an L9, about 85 lbs. She has been using 6 springs since L7 til L9 to do her yurchenko at her previous gym. Her new gym uses 4 springs for everyone and that is now...
  10. J

    How many springs in your vault springboard???

    How many springs would you keep in for a very light (65lb) yurchenko vaulter? Do you adjust remove or add springs according to the gymnast's weight or power or both? Are there other factors involved???