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  1. horses4me400

    HELP PLEASE!!!!walkovers

    help i know how to do a front walkover but i cant do it evry time i try to do it i fall on my back! i can do a handstand but i dont have strong abs. are there any ecsersizes i can try. i and currently going into my 5th year as a gymnast but i think i am going into level 4. sorry 4 spelling...
  2. gymnasticsxo

    Back Walkovers?

    so i have very flexible shoulders and back and have my backbend down. i am working towards kicking over from my backbend, and then learning a back walkover, but keep getting stuck. i can kick over fine when someone is spotting me, but by myself i get scared and just kind of lift my leg in the...
  3. E

    front and back walkovers help

    i am realy stuck with my front and back walkovers in my back walkover i cant kick over and in the front walkover i cant stand up.i have quite flexible shoulders( when im in bridge my shoulders are inline with my wrists) and when i do a kick over my left leg gets to vertical and my righ leg the...
  4. F

    Back Walkovers

    I need help on my Back Walkovers any tips?
  5. K

    Back walkovers

    I've just learned how to complete my back walkovers but I was wondering, what happens when im in the middle of the walkover. I'm in the handstand with a split and its almost like forever. I stay in that position for some time before pulling onto the one leg. Is this okay i've done back walkovers...
  6. K

    Front walkovers

    I'm the only person in my class that can do a front walkover to begin with. The only problem I have is when I take it to the beam. I start well and tight keeping my split wide and long, but as i'm landing when start pulling through my abs my foot almost comes along and slips. Sometimes I even...
  7. S

    Coaches Tips on front walkovers

    My dd can get her front walkover 3 out of 10 times. Any suggestions or tips for them? Thanks!
  8. C

    tricky back walkovers on beam!

    I am asking this for my level 7 daughter... I can do my back walkover on beam and 9 times out of ten I can do it with no problem. I don't have a ton of back flexibility, and my coaches tell me to look back when I start the skill to help my spine start to flex.... my question is... how do you...
  9. CoachSteph

    i need help with back walkovers on beam

    ok i can do a straight leg backwalkover on floor but when it comes to beam i cant seem to get my arms together i dont know why can someone help me i also need to get a standing back handspring but i always seem to crash on the floor i dont know how to do it without crashing i used to do them...
  10. N

    back walkovers on beam

    okay so i am starting to do back walkovers on the beam. but my problem is that I GO SOOOOOOOOO SLOW! once my coach was counting how long it took me and it was 13 seconds to complete it. when i try one faster, i eaither go to one side and dont make it on the beam, or my foot doesnt make it al the...