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  1. F

    For Coaches level 3 and 4 bars warmup

    hey, i am looking to revamp our bars warm up and i am just curious what you guys do for your bar warm ups, do you 3's and 4's have the same warm up? do they differ? at what level do you change your bar warm ups or if the bar warm up ever gets changed?
  2. B

    For Coaches Finishing warm-up/assignments

    Do you require that an event warm-up or assignment be completed before the gymnast is allowed to move on to the skills/assignment for the day? I'm specifically thinking of bars and I give the girls a different warm up each day (ex. Push away kips, tap swings, kip-cast HS, HS holds, etc). But...
  3. P

    WAG Fun & interesting warm-up ideas?

    Does anyone have any good ideas of interesting pulse-raising warm-up ideas? I am open to any ideas, however I'm especially interested in suggestions that can be used in gyms with a very small floor area. The kids are recreational and are quite young (age 7 or 8 on average I would imagine), so...
  4. JBS

    [Physical Preparation] Gymnastics Warm-Up

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is posted...it will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- Warm-up: A warm-up generally...
  5. lovegymnastics

    WAG great warm-ups

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine just posted videos of some really great warm-ups on her YouTube channel. She choreographed the routines to the music and they just look so nice. I got premission from her, but I know people have been copying the routines and posting videos of them doing the...
  6. Tally Ho

    WAG Fun warm ups

    Hi, calling all coaches I am looking or fun useful warm up games and ideas? For around age 6/7 girls squad level? Please help me?:)
  7. J

    warming up at meets

    kind of a random question but, 1.how long does your general warmup last for at meets? 2. do you warmup, and then compete on each apparatus, or warm up all apparatus, before the meet, then compete? 3. do you do a canadian warmup on beam? ( ie first 2 gymnasts warm up, then the first one...