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    WAG Chinese tap for front giants

    My DD has had her front giant for some time now and its pretty good. Last night coach tells her that he is changing her techinique on this. He wants her to learn it with a Chinese tap. He is not super good with explaining things so I was wondering why he wants to change it and how long it...
  2. N

    For Coaches Jaegers

    I have been working on jaegers for quite some time. When I first began working on them, I was easily able to catch a few, but then I just stopped catching. It's been about 1/2 a year now, and I still haven't caught another one. I was just wondering what I might be doing wrong so that I am not...
  3. R

    Front giant spotting and mechanics

    So... my head coach has decided that our front giants need to be the "whip" method (for girls), something that I need to work on a bit. I can teach front giants for girls, and I have done so successfully using a hollow rise method. I feel comfortable spotting this (shoulder in front, wrist/hip...