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  1. skschlag

    MAG 2022 World Championships

    I wish we could have seen them, but Stephen is sitting in 1st in qualifying!! And poor Donnell!!
  2. JBS

    WAG Featured World Gymnastics Championships (Liverpool 2022)

    I figure we should get a little world championship talk going... so here is the thread for it. Official Website...
  3. D

    OT Height observations: Gym vs. "outside world"

    My 7th grader told me that she was one of the shortest girls in her homeroom last year (6th grade), but I know for a fact that she is the same height as her adult female head coach at gym. She's the 2nd tallest on her team and is the same height (or close to it) as many of the older upper level...
  4. skschlag

    MAG World Championship SPOILER

    . ...... ........ ............. ............. Stephen Nedoroscik......USA's First EVER World Pommel horse GOLD!! So happy for him. It has been a journey for him to get there, literally! WE ARE!!!
  5. T

    WAG 2021 World Championships

    Anyone ready to talk about worlds? Are any of the Olympic team planning to stick around for Worlds? I think Jade should so she can get a chance to do her triple double on floor. Also it doesn't appear we have anyone ready to step up and compete for a vault medal. I was thinking Skye Blakely...
  6. Geoffrey Taucer

    OT A discussion of racism in the gymnastics world

    NOTE: I've moved a bunch of posts from other threads into this one to try to keep other threads on topic while still allowing a place for this discussion to continue. But let the records show that most of these posts were pulled from another thread, that this thread was started by me after the...
  7. G

    For Parents Gym World

    So recently my original gym mom bestie decided a gym switch maybe a good fit for her daughter. She was at the gym we both met at. Well all the very known, good gyms are about 30 min some in same region. She set up 2 evaluations, one gym in current region one in a neighboring region. Her daughter...
  8. yahboygrimmjow

    OT 3finger (freestanding) HSPU world record?

    6reps. is my record but i want to know whats the world record?
  9. JBS

    OT Guiness World Record Online Art Attempt (Help Raise Money For COVID-19)

    Here is a great fun thing for everyone to be part of. Help raise funds for high impact COVID-19 communities. It's on May 21st... 4:00 pm BST (10:00 am CST)
  10. littlegirlsdream

    For Parents Vault what in the world do they look for

    After many years the parent of a gymnast (or gymnasts as it were) I usually can watch an event and have a relatively good idea of where the routine will score. Except that is, on vault! Still after watching 11 years of competition I still do not understand how vaults score what they do. I am...
  11. G

    MAG 2019 Japan World Team Camp

  12. Flyaway

    WAG 2019 World's Team - let's discuss

    Per USA Gymnastics Facebook: 2019 Women's World Championships Team: Simone Biles Jade Carey Kara Eaker Sunisa Lee Grace McCallum MyKayla Skinner Non-traveling alternates: Morgan Hurd & Leanne Wong The six-woman team will travel to Stuttgart, five of whom will be identified for the team...
  13. NY Dad

    WAG USAIGC World Championships - Good Luck!!

    As some of you know, USAIGC is one of the less competitive alternatives to JO. The last meet of the season is the “World Championships”, which is next week in Nashville. While it’s not difficult to qualify at my dd’s level, I’m super proud of her for all the hard works she’s put in this season...
  14. G

    MAG 2019 Japan World Team Announced! (Video)

    Woohoo :)
  15. M

    New to Gymnastics world - question about picking a gym (CA)

    Hi Everyone! I don't mean to start off on a controversial note, but I had a question about SoCal gyms. My daughter is 2.5 and in her current gym they're moving her up to the 3yo class. She loves it so I just started researching if she ever wanted to compete in the future, does her gym offer...
  16. Lilou

    For Parents Elite around the world

    Purely my brain going off on tangents and being curious so figured I'd post here. I kinda get how gymnasts get to be elite in the US, but are the requirements and skills the same in other countries? Like going elite in Japan or South Africa, the same as here? I remember reading about a gymnast...
  17. J

    For Coaches Disneyland vs Disney World Meet

    Has anyone done both the Disneyland and the Disney World meets? I have been to the Disney World meet as a parent of a boy, but I haven’t done either as a coach. I am trying to find a fun travel meet for my young Xcel group. It will be open to all of my levels and completely voluntary.
  18. M

    Bug in 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum?

    On the main CB page, the most recent post listed for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum appears to be a link to a page selling dietary supplements. When I click into the forum, the most recently active thread is about leo costs and looks as if it belongs in the WAG forum. Is...
  19. C

    New to the gymnastics world

    Hi im alizyhana iam currently working on mastering my backbend kickover . I love to do gymnastics in all weather i'm also struggling to understand myself and accecpt myself. Just wanted to introduce myself since i'm new here
  20. wandrewsjr

    T&T World Championships

    World Championships begin in just a few hours in St. Petersburg. I know I am biased, but Team USA athletes in particular could use your support. Their Tumbling head coach resigned amid investigation by Safesport last week(he was also the personal coach of two of the team athletes). And USOC...