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  1. Flyaway

    World's Qual lineup Sooo... Hurd is first on 3 of the 4 events. To quote Spencer from the BB situation - "interesting". Only 2 qualify to AA correct? Is USAG banking on a Biles/McCusker set up? I'm totally...
  2. M

    Parents Has the whole world gone mad?

    Ok, I am exaggerating, but is anyone on that crazy mamas group? There seem to be an extraordinary amount of 7 year old lv 7s that practice 20-30 hours a week. Plus privates. I get girls that are seriously headed to the pinnacle of this sport, but seems to be an overabundance of this. Totally...
  3. R

    New to the TOPS/ELITE World

    My Mini is 8 years old, and made it to national TOPS testing in IND in Oct... I don't know what I don't know. Any advise would be nice. Thanks!!
  4. R

    New to the gymnastic world!

    Hello everyone! My 5 year old has done 2 sessions of gymnastics through the local YMCA but I found the instruction there completely lacking. They basically told the kids do this do that without telling them how or showing them how. My daughter ended up falling off the high bar and shattering...
  5. Mrs. Puma

    Parents Puma Jr is USAIGC Bronze bars World Champ!

    Trifecta complete! Puma Jr is USAIGC 11 yr old Bronze Uneven Bars State, Regional and World Champ! (This is the part where I say yes I know USAIGC isn’t as competitive as JO and yes it’s a little crazy it’s called “Worlds” lol...but I’m still super happy for her! )She also is 2nd on beam. Who...
  6. JBS

    2018 World Championships Forum

    There is now a forum for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in DOHA, Qatar at the following link...
  7. JBS

    Official Website of 2018 World Championships

    Here is the official website...
  8. tucktwisttumble

    OT LIVE STREAM: Cheerleading World Championships

    For anyone who is not familiar with this world - the Cheerleading World Championships are taking place this week/ weekend and early next week in Walt Disney World, Orlando. If anyone is interested in watching here is the live stream for the ICU Competition (Countries)...
  9. MILgymFAM

    Parents World Cup Gymnastics

    In Chappaqua, NY- anyone have experience with them?
  10. Jard.the.gymnast

    How to get into world championships

    Do you need to qualify to the world championships, just like with the Olympics? Or can any country just say that they will bring gymnasts to the world championships? I am not talking about the US, but im wondering how those Venezuelan girls got in...
  11. M

    MAG Can the world championships be watched on TV/cable?

    Or only online? Thanks.
  12. Sk8ermaiden

    Parents World Champion Center Info?

    Does anyone go here or know someone who does? I'm looking for info - especially on their XCEL team. I would be eternally grateful for a PM.
  13. AmethystJayne

    Lost in a Gymnast's world

    Hello everyone, I'm Stacey, and I'm Canadian. I am not a gymnast, coach, or gymnast parent, I am an Administrator at a Gym Club. My club is primarily WAG and I work in the Comp area. I just started this job (Feb 2017) and found this board while doing some reading online. I did find out that my...
  14. A

    World Cup (in Aust) Live Streaming One of the mums at pick-up let me know about this last night. I missed yesterday, but maybe will see some today! Only available in Australia - don't know if there is a way around it? On the other hand - stuff like this usually NOT available...
  15. auswi

    Parents World Champs

    Feeling super excited to watch this week in Melbourne
  16. X

    Parents Worst mum in the world

    I'm feeling utterly terrible and like a horrible mum :( DD has been invited to a party at a trampoline park by one of her teammates, and both me and her dad have said an outright no chance. We've heard far too many stories of really nasty breaks and fractures coming out of the two places we...
  17. T

    WAG World Gymnastics Championships Montreal 2017

    The World Artistic Championships will be in Montreal next year and we are considering making a family vacation out of it. After watching the Olympics, the kids and I would be most excited to see the stars from Rio. Which gymnasts do you think will retire or sit out next year's worlds? I am...
  18. CCGymbug

    WAG What I would love in a perfect world

    Reading though how varied the hours are I would love if gyms competed against those with similar training hours. Or if there was standardized hours throughout JO and xcel. Our silver girls train 4 hours/week. Another parent posted their gym does 14hours. When looking for a gym I was told to look...
  19. G

    Parents Any parents done meets at ESPN World of Sports at Disney?

    I am looking for advice from families who have done it. Cost effective tips? Convenience tips? I am having a little sticker shock (we are a bigger family and my non-WAG gymmies all want to go to Florida with us, understandably)
  20. Sasha

    Side by Side screenshots of 'The Two CB's" - Now in World 1!

    Tonight I opened CB in a new browser window and logged in. As I normally do, I went to "Recent Posts" and I got the following Recent Posts and took a screenshot (first attachment). Calling this "CB World #1". I saw and read @bogwoppit 's post "Need you all to try posting" and a couple other...