wrist pain

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  1. Jessleemom

    WAG Wrist pain?

    My 9 year old level 3 came home from practice tonight complaining of wrist pain. She said she was unable to tumble in class. That when her hands hit the floor her left wrist hurt and a tingling went up her arm. This started at last practice apparently but was worse today. Would you rush to the...
  2. M

    WAG Wrist pain after injury

    Hi, does anyone have experience with prolong wrist pain after a stress reaction in the wrist. My daughter hurt her wrist 8 weeks ago and it was confirmed a stress reaction via MRI. She still is not back in Gym because she is still having wrist pain while tumbling and doing anything that...
  3. R

    For Parents Wrist pain

    My daughter is having wrist pain with extension of wrist with weight bearing. Went to doctors growth plate fine but wrists very lax, a lot of movement. So he suggested tiger paws, whose head coach not believer in. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. kimute

    WAG Wrist pain and bars

    My DD has had a bunch of wrist issues over the last few months. They are likely acute injuries and not overuse issues. She missed a lot of last season with a TFCC injury, recovered fully and then hurt both wrists again with a bad landing. She has rested for a month, X-ray is clear, but she...
  5. M

    MAG Wrist pain, or the cool thing

    DS is 9 and a level 6. Last night he left the gym complaining about his wrists. His words were "I think I need Tiger Paws." I asked when it hurt and he said floor. They are working hard on floor basics, LOTS of BHS and handstands. He is also doing 100's of circles and an lot more PBar work...
  6. L

    WAG Wrist pain/Tiger Paws - again

    I know this topic is out there and I have read some of the old posts/threads. I am having a hard time determining how everyone decided their gymmie needed Tiger Paws. My DD has never had wrist pain, but has been complaining the last week about it only in one wrist. She says she has pain only...
  7. munchkin3

    WAG wrist pain that comes and goes

    DD has had very painful wrists the past two workouts. Strangely enough, it hurt MORE after a few days off. Last week before thanksgiving, she said her wrists were totally fine after working out for 3 days.....She says the tiger paws don't help either, but this may be because she is not used to...
  8. ShesAMonkey

    WAG Wrist pain from Yurchenko vaults

    DD has been complaining lately of pain in both wrists, and I suspect that it's because of the extra work she has been doing on vault lately, specifically on Yurchenkos. I know that some of the other girls at the gym have wrist support things they wear for vault, and I guess I need to look into...
  9. G

    For Parents Wrist pain

    Dd is 8 training level 5. She has so much wrist pain with tumbling and handstands. She wears tiger paws but says they really hurt. Last time I took her to ortho, they did bone scans of her wrists and found nothing. He just said to rest them. She did rest them for 4 months because she was in a...
  10. meganliz77

    WAG Wrist pain?!

    I was sitting at 6 yo DD practice tonight and watched her as she practiced her standing BHS... She started grabbing her wrist after the second or third one. I finally grabbed a coach's attention and they intervened and had her stop doing skills which put significant pressure on the wrist. DD has...
  11. Gymnast_Tor

    WAG Hand/wrist pain

    I've been having some bad wrist/hand pain the last few weeks. I don't wear tiger paws or anything to support my wrists. Ill be doing back walkovers or back handsprings or front handspring vaults and it just hurts badly!! I know y'all are going to say I need to ask a doctor, but I need to know...
  12. B

    WAG Wrist pain

    Have an 8 year old who has been complaining her wrists hurt for a couple months now. We've been taping and doing some strength but with no effect. Is she too young for tiger paws? For those with experience with this,what has helped?
  13. M_Keely

    WAG Wrist pain

    I am working on my bhs on beam and have done it on low beam with no mats a few times. The problem is that every time I work on them, or any sort of tumbling requiring hands, my wrists really start hurting. I feel like its stopping me from not practicing as hard as i could be and I dread going to...
  14. nicci1999

    wrist pain, mill circle

    Ok so I just started working on mill circles yesterday. And I found my right wrist hurt quite a bit with the undergrip portion of it. Went home, took some NSAIDS, figured it would be better, still hurts quite a bit today. Just wondering if anyone or their DD has experienced pain when first...
  15. M

    bridge / wrist pain?

    I noticed the other night at dd's practice that she was grabbing /shaking out her wrists after holding herself up in a bridge. Is this normal or is she doing something wrong? Just curious. I don't think she's strong enough yet as she has a hard time holding them for extended periods but...
  16. MamaofEnS

    For Parents Level 8 vault causing wrist pain?

    Hi All, My DD is L7, and all but one girl in her group are training L8. Hence, during vault, she has not been doing many front hand springs, but the tsuks and the one where you do a RO first. (Is that a Yurchenko???) Anyway, she started complaining of wrist pain on Thursday after workout...
  17. N

    Wrist pain after handstands

    I was a gymnast about 3 years ago then took a break due to an ankle injury and to focus on school work. I recently started back again and now everytime I do anything that involves prolonged weight on my wrists (especially handstands), I have a severe dull ache in my wrists- it almost feels like...
  18. P

    wrist pain

    How common is wrist pain in gymnastics. My daughter who is 10yr-level5 last week started complaining of wrist pain during her floor tumbling. I had a couple of the coaches try to figure out what is going on there is no swelling and she is able to do her skills. She tries to act like nothing is...
  19. fishchimes

    Random wrist pain (grr) Should I get supports?

    So something weird happened to me today... I woke up to find my left wrist was really sore. It's gotten slightly better but I don't get why it happened; I haven't done gym for the past week because my head is full of snot. :mad: I've been thinking lately that I ought to just buy some wrist...
  20. gym monkeys mom

    DD's wrist pain

    So I took DD to the Sports MD for wrist pain. She had been complaining for about 3 -4 weeks. I usually dont run her in right away anymore experince has told me sometimes it passes with ice and ibuprophen. Well this time I maybe should have jumped on it. She has inflamation of the growth plates...