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  1. X

    For Parents Xcel to JO Advice

    My daughter is going to be 10 next month. She was in recreational gymnastics from 4 years old to 8 years old. At age 8 she did pre-team Xcel and at age 9 she competed Xcel Bronze. She has expressed her desire to move to JO for the past year. I asked the director of her program at her current...
  2. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    I am currently an Xcel gold gymnast, but looking to switch to level 6. I have most of the requirements, however I don't know if I should or not. Is this a good idea? Will it help me in my future of gymnastics?
  3. S

    For Parents JO level 3 or Xcel?

    Good Morning. First time poster here. My 10 year old daughter just started taking gymnastics class in January. After realizing her natural ability and love for it we asked about competitive gymnastics. Unfortunately the gym we are at only invites children at a younger age. We decided to...
  4. 6yroldgymnast

    For Parents Xcel vs JO preteam

    Need advice on picking a program. So we are new to all of this. My dd is 6 and originally joined preteam at an Xcel gym. She has all the required skills for silver but needs to be more consistent getting over the mat for vaulting. Shortly after joining pre team at this gym she was asked to join...
  5. C

    For Parents JO, xcel, gap ??

    Hi- my daughter is 6 and has been on preteam for a couple of years. Shes able to join jo level 3 with her skills this fall. The practice schedule though would be 3 days/week and about 3 hours each class. This schedule seems like alot and I know shes not dedicated enough to want to do that. (*...