xcel platinum

  1. cjfparent

    For Parents Xcel Platinum Beam requirement

    My daughter is competing Platinum this year. She had a beam routine for level 6 but due to injury is doing Platinum instead. Will her beam meet platinum requirements? Regular mount Full turn Split jump- straight jump Bwo-bwo Back tuck dismount I know she needs a B skill - since she’s...
  2. G

    For Parents Questions about Xcel

    Ok I have had a question or a few questions about the xcel program since day 1 and now it has drawn more concern for me. I’m so lost! Where we are from a lot of gyms are somewhat abusing the purpose of the Xcel program. From my understanding, the program was primarily for gymnasts who wanted...
  3. W

    Crooked BackWalkover- Always Missing

    A few months ago I got my Back Walkover on the high beam without falling or anything. I was able to consistently to this (and i was moving on to series) for the next 3 weeks or so. There were a few practices where we skipped beam. The first time I tried my BWO again on beam I missed both feet. I...