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  1. S

    International Gymnastics Camp Questions

    I'm 13 and I've never been to a gymnastics camp before and I'm wondering what the skill level of girls my age would be at IGC. I'm in Xcel Gold. Last year in Silver, I competed a round-off back-handspring and front handspring on floor. A pull over, cast backhipcircle, squat on, jump to high bar...
  2. xcelmomsilver

    For Parents Xcel Diamond petition?

    Hi My DD is 12 and xcel silver and she dreams of doing NCAA. She has this map, she wants to compete gold then platinum then in high school petition unto level 7 in 10th grade. Will this work? Can can be a collge gymnast accpeted at level 9. And before she turns 14 (that summer between gold and...
  3. C

    For Coaches Xcel Clarification

    I'm trying to clarify the requirements for my Xcel girls. All of my scel girls were Rec. gymnastics pulled from classes, so I'm abit limited with their abilities. For Silver on bars, A cast counts as it's own skill, correct? Currently, I have my girls doing: Glide Swing, Pull over, Cast, Back...