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  1. K

    Xcel Gold Floor

    Hello. I'm a gymnast who struggles with tumbling. I have a front handspring and a front tuck, but no back handspring yet. What are all the different combinations of passes I could compete for Xcel Gold? Thanks
  2. T

    For Parents Coach shows zero interest...

    We have an xcel head coach and an asst coach. levels are XB XS and XG. Xcel coaches do not coach JO teams. Our xcel teams are quite good. Successful in meets, hard workers. at a recent meet the head coach just didnt show up. It was clear the asst coach expected him bc she was scanning the...
  3. G

    For Parents Questions about Xcel

    Ok I have had a question or a few questions about the xcel program since day 1 and now it has drawn more concern for me. I’m so lost! Where we are from a lot of gyms are somewhat abusing the purpose of the Xcel program. From my understanding, the program was primarily for gymnasts who wanted...
  4. waterbreathinq


    so i took a 3 year break from gymnastics (was Xcel silver, almost gold) after i sprained my ankle very badly. i want to go back, I miss the sport so much. I'm 14. i did gymnastics for 8 years, and have been keeping busy with cheerleading at my school. would it be possible for me to go back at...
  5. waterbreathinq


    Is it possible to go elite through the Xcel program?
  6. C

    For Coaches Xcel Clarification

    I'm trying to clarify the requirements for my Xcel girls. All of my scel girls were Rec. gymnastics pulled from classes, so I'm abit limited with their abilities. For Silver on bars, A cast counts as it's own skill, correct? Currently, I have my girls doing: Glide Swing, Pull over, Cast, Back...
  7. B


    Does anyone know about xcel routines. Is it easier to have each level to do the same routines or just get them all their own routines, in this case 13 routines.
  8. gwenmom

    For Parents Xcel vs JO

    My DD is 7 and competing bronze Xcel and is on her first year competing. I thought I read somewhere that there is little or no mobility out of Xcel back to JO program. Now I know my Dd is only 7 but her dream is the Olympics. I know it's a long shot of her ever getting there but are we limiting...