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  1. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Can an aerial be a xcel gold tumbling pass

    For xcel gold can you do an aerial as a tumbling pass of do you need 2 connected flight skills?

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    With the new rules for xcel competition, I am having trouble understanding the Gold requirements for tumbling passes. I see that it says there must be two directly connected acro skills with flight in one of the passes. Would the following two passes meet this requirement: 1. Roundoff backtuck...
  3. E

    For Coaches A coach wanting to excel in Xcel

    Hello. I am a retired gymnast who tried to leave gymnastics in my past. Ten years post-retirement, I find myself back in the gym (as a coach) and in the process of catching up on all the things I missed. Yes, I just learned about this newfangled "Xcel" program, which my gym offers. Aside from...
  4. K

    WAG xcel platinum vault sv question

    DD is barely making plat. Since 1/2 on 1/2 off SV changed, what's a front handspring or half on's SV for the 22-23 season? Thanks.
  5. G

    For Parents Moving levels in Xcel

    Hi! New team mom here. Do they have to compete the same level all year? for example her first meet she is competing silver. Will she be able to compete gold on other meets if she is able to get the requirements? Provided her coach is ok with that.
  6. J

    WAG Xcel Diamond - Bar Dismount

    Is a B dismount (layout 1/2 twist, double, etc) required? I find this odd as a B is typically Level 9? My daughter competed Level 8 last season with a layout dismount, switched to Diamond and noticed that most of the requirements overall are more in line with Level 7/8 skills with the...
  7. S

    For Coaches Bar Settings Xcel

    Hi friends, I am trying to figure out the bar settings for the new season. The directions confuse me admittedly and the bar set I have to work with is old. For my XCel gold and silver athletes, can I put the bars however I want? I’d love some semi-detailed instructions, if possible. I...
  8. PeanutsMom

    WAG XCEL Sapphire

    Will XCEL Sapphire be rolling out to the other regions after the pilot season? Also, is there any discussion of having XCEL post season meets like Westerns or Nationals for the upper levels? My kiddo switched from JO to XCEL this year and is Diamond. She is really loving the program and the...
  9. Lovelylady226

    WAG USAG Xcel Qualifying Scores

    Hello! Is there a resource to find the historical qualifying scores for USAG Xcel? Thanks for any help!
  10. S

    WAG Small Gymnast XCel Silver

    Hello friends, I have an XCel Silver who just turned 7 and is very small in stature. Our routine starts with a glide swing and then using the Kip block to push off of for a pullover. The problem is, she is so tiny that she can’t use the block to push off of. Her toes barely scrape the edge. She...
  11. G

    For Parents Mobility question from Xcel to DP?

    Hello! How do you move from Xcel Gold to level 6? Do you have to compete a meet at level 4 and 5 and score high enough to move to 6, or do you just need to do a meet at level 5? I wasn't sure how it worked since gold is pretty equivalent to level 4. Thanks!
  12. F

    For Parents XCEL Skills

    Hi all! For those of you that are at gyms who use XCEL in place of compulsories, what skills are your XCEL gymnasts competing with/working on? I understand that some XCEL teams are more laid back, but I’m curious about the skills being trained for those who use XCEL on the path to Optionals. TIA!
  13. A

    WAG Xcel Bronze Floor

    Our Bronze team is struggling on a leap combination. I know they can do step hops, but can those step hops be done in a passe position or does it have the be straight in front at horizontal?
  14. N

    WAG Xcel Platinum routines

    Do these routines fit XP requirements? Vault- Half on-half off Bars- Kip cast free hip kip squat on jump to high bar kip baby giant flyaway Beam- Full turn, Cartwheel cartwheel split leap-tuck half jump front tuck dismount (+dance) Floor- Round off back handspring back tuck or front...
  15. N

    For Parents Beam bhs requirement for Xcel Platinum

    Hi there. My daughter is an Xcel Gold gymnast (14 yrs old) who is looking to move up to platinum this season. She has almost every requirement she needs except a front salto pass on floor. However, one of her coaches is requiring that the current XG girls have a bhs on beam to move up to...
  16. G

    For Parents Understanding the decision criteria for movement between JO and Xcel programs

    Hi, My daughter has been in the JO program at level 6. This year the head coach decided to send some of the level 6 girls to the Excel program to the Diamond level, and others to level 7. Her argument is that it's based on skills and that those sent to Diamond do not have the skills, but it...
  17. S

    For Coaches XCel Beam Routine Composition Questions + Dance Skills

    Hey XCel coaches, I’ve coached XCel for a couple years as an assistant coach but now I’m the head coach. I’m learning the rules the best I can, but there’s been some things on my mind that I didn’t immediately find answered in the CoP that I was hoping to get guidance on. 1. Can a gymnast turn...
  18. E

    WAG xcel code of points 2022-2026

    are there any changes in the new xcel code of points for the platinum division?
  19. P

    WAG Xcel Gold Bars Circles

    DD has really clean FHC, and can pull off several in a row. For Xcel gold, the coach is training them all in two connected circles, which I know is technically not required, but is something our gym requires for gold. The two options the kids have been given so far are FHC cast BHC, which DD...
  20. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel: Variations in skill requirements by gym

    I am aware that for Xcel levels, a wide range of skills can be competed to meet scoring requirements. I have seen evidence of this at meets. I have seen gyms that consistently compete more advanced skills than are being trained at my child's gym. For example: Current gym does not require or...