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  1. tdoesgymnastics

    For Parents Switching to YMCA from Club

    My daughter is wanting a more flexible, laid back, atmosphere and is no longer happy with the long hours and strict coaching. We are thinking about switching to YMCA this summer. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any guidance, perhaps? (She's Level 7/8 and considering XCEL Platinum/...
  2. dmbgymnast

    WAG YMCA Nationals

    Is anyone aware of the YMCA nationals qualifying scores? If they haven't been announced, when should they be annouced by?
  3. W

    WAG YMCA Nationals is this week!!!!

    I'm so excited! DD is competing new L4 and I am so nervous. I hope she can pull off all her routines since it's the first time she will compete them. I told her not to worry and if she messes up. She should just focus on doing her best. (She is a stress bucket). But regardless it is fun to be...
  4. raenndrops

    WAG YMCA Nationals ... who's going?

    Hi. The YMCA Social forum doesn't get much traffic, so thought i would post it out here. I know 111 teams from 21 States are going. We are from one of the 26 Ohio Teams. We are taking L3, L4, L6, L7, and Xcel Gold and Platinum. What about your YMCA team... are they going? What levels are they...
  5. amblan01

    How to go from YMCA to NAIGC?

    I went to the website and it said something about being in a club that competes NAIGC. Can I go to a college that competes it and do it or is it more difficult. Someone explain it all.
  6. raenndrops

    YMCA Gymnasts / Parents Social Forum

    Hi. I have restarted the social forum for YMCA Gymnasts and their parents. This is a place where we can talk about really anything gymnastics related - but especially if it is something that a lot of "club" gymnasts wouldn't understand. It is also a good place to discuss YMCA Nationals - Brag...
  7. Ari97

    WAG When do most ymca's competetion seasons start?

    Does anyone know when most ymca's start there gymnastics competetion season? Apparently YMCA nationals are during the summer?? (I put this in this forum so I could get info from everyone)
  8. amblan01

    Grips at YMCA/Joining team

    At my Y, I don't know what they think about grips. All the girls wear tiger paws, braces, or athletic tape. So I don't think the coaches mind products. I'm going to be on team next month and had to start out in a beginners rec class that was super simple. But even on pullovers I get rips and...
  9. amblan01

    gymnastics at YMCA any chance of making team or pre team?

    I am 13 almost 14. I've heard from threads the coaches won't offer me a spot on the team because of my age. I'm taking a beginners class that is way too easy. I have most basics and did it when I was five for a year. Then I did tumbling for three years. Now I'm doing tumbling and gymnastics...
  10. raenndrops

    For Parents YMCA Nationals Update- Brag :)

    Ok. Last I posted (I think), younger Gymmie missed qualifying for Nationals at her District Championships by less than a point after falling on her Front Hip Circle on bars... but with personal bests on bars, beam and floor (and beam was a best by 2.000 AND her first ever No-Fall). Anyone going...
  11. E

    For Parents new usag level rules coming this summer, does it affect JO levels at a YMCA gym too??

    Hi i am new to Chalkbucket. I have a 12 yr girl who was at a private gym for 9 yrs, then switched to a ymca about a year and a half ago. She competed till level 6, then was switched to excel platinum. She really wants to be a level 7, does not have layout or giants yet... Anyway, her gym, a...
  12. D

    WAG YMCA Gymnastics scores

    I am currently at a YMCA as a level 6. Unlike some YMCA's, we have a full spring floor, a vault table, 3 high beams, 2 low beams, and 2 sets of bars. I get pretty "good" scores and usually win all around at my meets. The problem is, I don't know if I really deserve the scores. I've heard about...
  13. Swiftli

    For Parents 2013 YMCA Nationals

    location announced to be Savannah, GA June 26-29. :)
  14. B

    YMCA vs. USAG gymnastics

    I have the opportunity to start coaching at a YMCA gym. I know the routines are the same as USAG, but I've always thought Y gymnastics was of a lower quality. That the girls get moved up before they're ready, don't have to have all their skills to compete, are sloppy, workout fewer hours, and...
  15. jasminekayla

    2012 YMCA Nationals Talk

    Not sure if this is where this should go but I know we have alot of Y gymnast & parents on the boards. As everyone heard, Milwaukee is hosting 2012 nationals.I thought it would be nice to have a place if anyone who is planning on coming to ask questions about places to see or go or anything else...
  16. JBS


    How many of you are from each of the following federations? EDIT: I am looking at which of the following to offer.
  17. Swiftli

    2012 YMCA Nationals

    I found an article where it was announced that the YMCA of Metro. Milwaukee will host the event in 2012. I was kinda hoping somewhere further south, like Florida, but oh well.
  18. D

    Dates YMCA

    Does anyone know the exact dates for nationals in 2011? I know they are in Toledo,OH but dates for vacation.
  19. MaryA

    Question for those involved with YMCA teams

    My daughter competes on a YMCA team. I am curious about # of hours of practice on other Y teams to see how "our" team fits in. Also curious if your Y has a dedicated gymnastics space or if you have to set up and tear down each day. Our schedule is as follows: Level 3: 4 hours/week Level 4 and 5...
  20. B

    ymca vs. usag?

    What is the difference between ymca and usag gymnastics? I'm not sure I want to work at a y, but the opportunity is there. Can y gymnasts compete at usag meets, and even qualify for states, regionals, etc.? I've always been under the impression that y gymnastics is generally a lower level...