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  1. gymbaby12

    2011 YMCA National

    Does anyone know where 2011 YMCA Nationals will be held? I really want to know.
  2. gymbaby12

    2010 ymca nationals

    I go to a YMCA and I just recently went to my first meet and already qualified for nationals in California. Who else has qualified already? I'm just wondering how many people from The Chalk Bucket will be there.
  3. munchkin3

    MAG YMCA Men's Nationals L4 Video

    Well I thought I would put my son's last L4 meet up.....It was not his cleanest but, well, this is the YMCA....He got the highest AA in all ages, but more importantly HIS personal best....He can finally say goodbye to L4 and concentrate fully on L5. We are so proud of him.... The meet was...
  4. lilmonkeymom

    YMCA vs USAG??

    As I stated previously my daughter competes in the YMCA league in Maine. What is the differance between YMCA and USAG? I believe we do the same routines. Is there an advantage competing in USAG?
  5. munchkin3

    2009 YMCA Nationals

    Good luck to everyone going!! It will be a blast! I have never been to one and can't wait....I have been told it is like a mini version of the Olympics with march in and parties etc!!! I hope my little one really enjoys this meet...I know I will:D:D GO YMCA GYMNASTICS!!
  6. munchkin3

    MAG YMCA Nationals in Philly

    We are going this year to the Nationals.....I am curious to know if there are any other boys who went last year or who are going this year. I don't think it is really big at all for the Men.....but, should be fun anyways!
  7. G

    2010 YMCA nationals

    Does anyone know who will be hosting the YMCA 2010 National Championships and where they will be located? heard rumors that they will be in CA
  8. gymjourneymom

    YMCA gymnastics?

    Just wondering if any of our CB'ers are involved in YMCA gymnastics? If so, could you post some info about it. Such as, do you compete against only other YMCA's or do you go to other meets too? I can't say that I've ever seen a YMCA team compete at any of the meets I've been too. So I'm just...
  9. J

    YMCA meets

    can someone explain whats diffrent about it?
  10. gymgymgymnast08

    Anybody goin to YMCA nationals [08]?

    Any other people on here going to YMCA nationals in June in Sheboygan, Wisconsin? I know me and gracefulone both are but I'm wondering if there are anymore people on here? www.ymcanationals2008.org ^ for anyone who isn't a YMCA gymnast and wants to find out more about nats!
  11. T

    YMCA Nationals 2009

    Has the location for the 2009 YMCA Nationals been released yet? Thanks! Angie... aka, ToeTheLine
  12. F

    Parents YMCA team gymnastics?

    Anyone have experience with the YMCA team. We are looking into it, and so far I like what I see. I would like to hear from some people who have had children invovled in this. Thanks!
  13. gymgymgymnast08

    2008 Ymca Nationals!

    I know a few of you other chalkbucketers are also at YMCA's. Just wondering who else is gonna be in Wisconsin for nationals?
  14. gymgymgymnast08

    YMCA nationals?

    Anyone going to the YMCA nationals this summer in Wisconsin? The people who are at Y's but also compete at private clubs do you go to Y nationals?
  15. gymgymgymnast08

    YMCA regionals!

    YMCA regionals. not sure where it is yet.
  16. gymgymgymnast08

    Ymca Home Meet!

    My championships! HOME MEET! YES!
  17. C

    YMCA and club whats the differences?

    i really don't know what YMCA gymnastics is so i was wondering what are some differences