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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Featured Why switch to Yurchenko?

    DD is competing a tsuk pike this season for l8 and is a strong vaulter. Comp season starts soon, and her coach is talking about having her switch to a yurchenko, which she's not as good at. She feels her tsuk will score really well and isn't excited about making a switch for this season. Is...
  2. D

    WAG Anyone know the start value for a tuck full yurchenko vault in level 10?

    …not sure if it is 9.7, 9.8, or 10.0 Thanks!
  3. L

    For Coaches Yurchenko entry question

    Hello! I have an Xcel diamond working on her yurchenko and she's having a hard time getting a powerful and consistent block in order to flip. She's about 4'11 and I have her on 130/135 with eight springs in her board. She's got a lot of power and tends to go up too high instead of stretching...
  4. PeanutsMom

    For Coaches Yurchenko round off mat recommendation

    Hello. Our gym does not have a mat for Optionals to practice Yurchenko entry drills. They have an old panel mat to use for the round off. I am wondering what round off mat you would recommend. I have found Norberts, Gymnova (quote only, I can't tell the price) Mancino mats, and one at Ten-O. Is...
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG Simone's Yurchenko Double Pike: it's real!

    Confirming that this isn't just a mess-around-in-prqctice skill. Simone looks like she's actually gonna compete the Yurchenko Double Pike!
  6. M

    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    How hard do you think it is to move from a Yurchenko pike to a Yurchenko layout? From an outsider's perspective, it doesn't seem that much different, but it is the one skill that dd hasn't got yet, and from what she has told me, none of the other level 9s are quite there yet either. She had a...
  7. Kaylee_gymnast22

    WAG Yurchenko layout

    I have been doing yurchencos for several years and have been practicing the layout for several years as well. I can't seem to get the rotation or the height to even consider landing it. I have tried multiple drills and trying to make my entrance onto the table faster, but it still is slow and I...
  8. W

    WAG Simone Biles training a Yurchenko double pike

    Hey! I recently came across a video of Simone doing a Yurchenko double pike into a pit on YouTube. I think that’s super cool and a bit insane! I don’t know if she’ll ever actually compete it but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. It was just something so fresh with all of the twisting vaults we...
  9. G

    WAG Platinum vault Yurchenko?

    Are you allowed to do a Yurchenko timer vault in platinum? Starting valu
  10. Flippingout

    WAG Tsuk vs. Yurchenko

    I have been seeing a lot about Tsuks and yurchenkos in the forums lately, and recently I saw something that seemed interesting to me. Which one seems to be the easier one?? I remember going to a gymnastics camp last summer, and I attempted a tsuk, and found out that it actually was a lot harder...
  11. M

    WAG Yurchenko Level 8

    Does anyone know for sure if the Yurchenko timer for Level 8 is a 9.0 start value now? My DDs coach thought it had been changed, and then a judge came in this week and said no it's still a 7.4 SV. Her first meet is this weekend, and she hasn't done a FHS in months. She's flipping the vault onto...
  12. H

    WAG Tsuk versus Yurchenko

    Hi, all. This question is for the coaches and more experienced parents out there. DD is competing L8 this season and is training both the Tsuk and Yurchenko. Aside from the different entry, what are the main differences between the two vaults? Is one more advanced than the other? Is it coach's...
  13. T

    For Coaches Yurchenko preflight

    Hey everyone I have a group of kids hoping to get twisting in a year or less on vault. Problem is their preflights are way too slow so even their layouts aren't rising enough or rotating fast enough just yet. What would everyone's key drills be to spend a few sessions getting these kids...
  14. Y

    WAG How much harder to go from yurchenko tuck to pike to layout?

    hi, my daughter had a successful level 8 season despite her wrist problems in the beginning of the season. She scored a 9.275 on her vault at regionals and has been pretty much getting that score since the beginning of the season. At one point her coach was going to teach her the yurchenko pike...
  15. S

    For Coaches What makes a good yurchenko collar

    Any opinions on the janssen and fritzen collar which has a tapered end vs. the acromat one ?
  16. JBS

    Vault Yurchenko

    Yurchenko is the name of both a specific vault and a vault family in artistic gymnastics. The Yurchenko was named after Soviet gymnast Natalia Yurchenko, who first performed the vault at the 1982 World Cup. In a Yurchenko vault, the gymnast does a round-off onto the springboard and a back...
  17. B

    WAG Favorite yurchenko drills?

    I have a group of level 4s and 5s whose handspring vaults are coming along very well. We've been doing the same yurchenko drills as side stations for quite a while now. We have a 5 week break from meets coming up and I'd like to get some new drills to keep it interesting. We've been doing...
  18. ShesAMonkey

    WAG Wrist pain from Yurchenko vaults

    DD has been complaining lately of pain in both wrists, and I suspect that it's because of the extra work she has been doing on vault lately, specifically on Yurchenkos. I know that some of the other girls at the gym have wrist support things they wear for vault, and I guess I need to look into...
  19. M

    WAG Yurchenko vs. Tsuk - which one is harder?

    Is a tsukahara or a yurchenko easier to learn? which one has a higher value? DD started with tsuks last week, although she is only L6. All of the girls could do them into the pit. After practice she told me her coach said that tsuk is something really hard. It might look easy into the pit, but...
  20. B

    For Coaches Yurchenko Vault

    How do you guys determined where the hurdle starts for the RO's in yurchenko vaults ...