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Proud Parent
Mar 3, 2016
“This is her journey” is something I’ve said all my almost 9yr olds short gymnastics “career”. I’ve really tried to let her lead any decisions about gymnastics but at those young ages there are times when we as parents have to step up and make decisions. Last night I learned that I need to trust her more and pull back more. It’s such a wild adventure to watch these little people grow and mature. Bittersweet how they don’t need our help as much but such a proud moment to see them mature and be able to handle things on their own!

My daughter is supposed to compete her first time as a level 5 in a week and had recently told me that she thought she’d be scratching bars. I was pretty sure that her coach hadn’t told her that and that it was just her own feelings on how she was progressing. I thought her coach needed to be aware of her comment so (without asking her) I mentioned it to him after practice. My daughter was so upset and told me that she had made so much improvement at that practice that she was changing her thoughts. I ran back in and told her coach that and I apologized to my daughter for betraying her trust. Here I thought I knew what was best for her gymnastics when in reality I should have been her place to vent her concerns without fear of me taking those vented feelings back to her coach. Ugh! These lessons in humility can be tough. Hopefully my humble apology will help heal the betrayal and be an example to her of how to admit when you mess up!

I guess she isn’t the shy little “baby gymnast” that needs me to speak up for her anymore. So bittersweet!