OT 1/2 pound ankle weights?

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I previously posted about my (soon to be 5) year old niece gymnast.

Her coaches already have her practicing with the level 3 girls m-w and sat mornings. And said they will move her up to level 3 in August.

Thing is..they say because of her age...they don't want her using the 1 pound ankle wieghts that the other girls use. My niece of course...wants to be just like them and the coaches suggested using 1/2 pound ankle weights to start with.

Suggestions? Should we go ahead and buy some for her? if so where do we get them? OR should we just wait till she is a little older?

Thanks in Advance for you help.
I would never let my daughter use them at that age. It just sounds ridiculous. I could be wrong, though.

What is the coach's reason to have kids that young in ankle weights?
i'm not sure...but they use them when practicing on the trampoline and backhandspring...or backbends and kickbacks.

hmmmmmmm..i'm going to have to ask.
wow!! From what I understand, using ankle weights on a trampoline can damage the knees. My 9 year old daughter uses them on her level 6 team and this is the earliest team at the gym where they are introduced. They use them mostly for running and conditioning, doing leg lifts, one legged squats, dips on the beam etc...
Just an idea, but you could always buy them and empty them somewhat and use some kind of light weight filler just so that she can feel like the rest of her team.
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