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Nov 28, 2008
Hey y'all:)
I used to get on Chalkbucket all the time, but it's been FOREVER!
I quit gymnastics last March, and now I'm cheering for an all-star squad.
It's fun, but I definitely miss gymnastics.
I thought about going back, but I have a lot of things with school and band,
so I decided against it for now.
That's about it.
Thanks for reading!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hey welcome to the CB!!! My dd (she will turn 10 in Jan.) did All Star cheer for the past 3 years and now she does gymnastics--she just started gymnastics in April. So far she loves it!!! She does miss cheer a bit-especially flying and practicing one-man stunting but she has learned so much in gymnastics and really wants to give it a chance for a while.

Do you like cheer? In your opinion, what makes it so different than gymnastics and what is making you want to come back to gym? Just curious!!!
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