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Well, DD had her first L6 meet yesterday and even though I was working time the other side of the gym on beam, I did get to peak over and watch most of her routines!

Beam was first, she was first in rotation to go. For some reason, she hates AAI beams this year. Gym got a new one, others are Janssen Fritsen. She decided she didn't like the "feel" of it?? Good thing she's getting over that, since it was an AAI beam. She got an 8.85 and 2nd place. I was timing other beam with DD main coach who is also a judge. At the end of each rotation, she finishes scoring last girl and quickly looks to me for a recap. Got to see most of the girls, so that was good. We couldn't see scores from where we were sitting, though.

Floors next. Much improvement from mock meet. She gets an 8.55 (4th Place) and is very happy with that. Floor was right behind beam I was timing, so again got to see most of their routines.

Vault was good. So much improved from when she began L5 and I sat every meet just hoping she would make it over. They are currently all being made to vault on same setting, which main coach did not know. Hoping that changes for next meet because DD would like table 1 lower, but was told is she asked for it at meet they would raise it on her?? Youngest girl is not getting a great vault because she does not have enough power for the height it is on. Main coach is taking them to next meet, yeah. Anways, 8.575 for 6th. Vault has never been a strength, so she is alway thrilled when she places.

Bars was the one I didn't really want to watch! Didn't watch warm-up. Looked over in time to see her do her squat on out of kip while competing! Yeah, she made it. She said is she didn't think she'd make it, she would pause, but I guess she was feeling good and went for it. Finishes up and is so happy, I don't think she really cared about her score. So happy to see that she is happy with herself. She gets a 8.4, ties for 3rd.

So, all in all a 34.375 and 4th AA. Didn't get to see awards because next session had begun. She is happy. Knows she has to keep working. 2nd highest of her team. Team ended up 1st place. Teammate with a 36+ walks around saying how she had such a bad day, saying how she should get to take trophy home because she was the best (her mother always tells her how she is the best gymnast in the whole gym and expect special treatment for her, which is why child is the way she is!) Luckily coach takes DD suggestion and let the girl who didn't have greatest day take it home (even though they all qualified to states!). Glad DD can think of other feelings, even if some on her team can't. No matter how many awards the other girls wins, DD has already gotten more out of this sport then she ever will.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
What a great 1st meet at L6, those are great scores and placements. Sounds like she is well on her way to a great L6 season!!! Woohoo to her for making her squat on with no pause, that is awesome!

And big boohoo on the vault coach. Vaults move up and down for a reason. Ugh.

Glad all her teammates qualified. Sad about the girl that got the 36. I hate moms like that because they make their kids that way, too. :( Probably the same type of mom that brags and accepts compliments about her kid, but never is proud of teammates, etc. Yuck.
Sep 9, 2008
Wow! What a great start to her level 6 season! Great scores and an awesome placement AA! That was crazy about the vault! Like Mariposa said, it goes up and down for a reason! There is no way that Emma could vault at the same setting as some of her teammates! I believe our coach uses 3 settings for us! Mean girls and their moms................................Karma. It will get them. Congrats to your dd on a fabulous first meet and also for being such a great teammate to think of the feelings of her friend that did not have such a great day! Yay for nice girls! :D


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I think she did great !!! Glad you were able to watch some of her routines after all.

That is craziness on vault, why not let them vault where they are comfortable at a meet and work on getting them comfortable @ another setting during practice.

About the spoiled brat and her mom, what goes around, comes around.
Feb 26, 2007
Great scores and placements in that notoriously tough level. Lovely that you can see her improvements. Love the team AA.

Here in Quebec the girls all vault on the same setting 125cm for under 12's and 135cm, FIG, for the over 12's. It bites.

I think every club has one of "those" gymnats who has to better better than everyone else. Shame on that parent.


Congrats to her! She had a great day. And Boo to the girl with the bad attitude! Glad the coach took your DD's suggestion. And, seriously--they can't move the vault to different settings? What's the big deal??


I'm glad to hear she had such a successful meet. I wonder about the vault, too. There are 2 or 3 girls on our team that are older and taller than my dd and they still keep it at the same setting. Who knows what they'll do at a meet. They move bars around sometimes, why can't they do the same thing with the vault?

I agree ~ Boo to that little gymmie's mom for turning her dd into a little brat. No offense but that's just childish. JMHO.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
What a great meet!! And how sweet of your DD to suggest that the girl who didn't have a great day take the trophy home. :D

Re: vault - as a mom of a tiny one, it always bugged me about the settings, however it was explained to me by someone (spouse of a coach and whose DD was State champ several times, and very petite girl) that they "need" to learn to vault at the higher settings because they will need the height for harder vaults. i see it with Big DD the difficulty some of the girls have of getting height for their tsuks, etc. Little Monkey had a real hard time at age 6 but now at 9 and only about 3 inches taller, her vault has greatly improved.
Aug 1, 2009
Sounds like she did great - Congratulations! Our level 6s were told that at level 6 there was a minimum height for the vaulting table so they have been practicing at a higher level then some of the small girls are used to. Hopeful the practice is helping, but I know at least one of the the smaller girls doesn't like it.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
I love it all...right down to picking the right girl to take the trophy home. :)
Congrats to her, those are some great scores!!!


Thanks all.

DD does fine on vault and really has improved. I see some of the other struggle more. I wouldn't mind if it was a requirement based on age or level, but I just see other gyms getting it moved for them. DD like to practice on the higher setting and was hoping to compete one lower. She really wants a 9 on vault this year, after coming so close with a 8.975 last year! U didn't really care, but was surprised owner/main coach did not know they were not changing it??

I know there is always a girl like that on every team. She usually isn't too bad, it's just the mother, which I know there is ALWAYS one of. I think she just enjoys getting under people's skin, but then always acting as the victim.
Sep 8, 2007
Congrats to your dd!! What an awesome start of L6 season!!!! Yes we have a girl on my dds team who thanks she is the best.Last yr she told my dd at a few others before a meet that since she was not going they did not have a chance.I was livid!
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