1st level 3 meet

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Midget's Dad

The midget has her first meet tomorrow morning for level 3. Luckily this is a 'fun' meet hosted by our gym but there will be other gyms there. I think I am way more nervous than she is.

Hopefully it will go well. Though it might not. Her run for the vault is comical at best and that darn mill circle refuses to cooperate. And to add to it all, since it is a local meet there will be several people we know coming.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Have fun, sit back and enjoy her first meet!!!:D
The skills will come!!!! That mill circle gives many of the L3s trouble...mine included when she was in L3.
Aug 7, 2009
Funny ... I don't think we even have mill circles here. I've only seen them on YouTube.
I asked DD if anyone at her club did them and she just said "what's a mill circle?" Then she asked some of the higher level girls, and they asked the same question.
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