Parents 1st meet done - dd happy

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Aug 22, 2008
dd8's 1st ever meet at rookie level (prep op similar to L4). She missed her first one due to her broken wrist. She won some medals (thank goodness for these early levels offering medals several places out! LOL). She was thrilled and very proud of herself. That's all the matters. I felt she did very well on the skills. Scores didn't really show it though- lots of little things like bent knees, lack of height, etc. That's OK - it's things for her to improve upon for the next meet. It was a real eye opener for me though - watching many of the other gyms and the "perfect" form from girls younger than dd.

In general all the scores throughout the meet were very low compared to scores from similar meets, so that was a bit disappointing for the parents but as long as they are scoring everyone at the meet the same way, it doesn't matter. Everyone on the team had qualifying scores for state meet - that's a relief. Then again, that's not too hard to get - 31 LOL. Still, it's good to know we're past that.

She has almost a month before her next meet so plenty of time to work on improving some of the form errors.
COngratualtions on a fun and productive meet. It iws always nice when they get to wear some bling home. ITA on the scoring thing, as long as it is uniformly low it's fine.

Nice to know she has made it to States.
Congrats to your DD on qualifying for State! It is so nice to get that out of the way. It is nice to get that pressure off and then they can concentrate on other things!

She has plenty of time to work on the little things!
congrat's to DD. My DD has her first Rookie meet in a couple of weeks. She just had her first week back at full practice from a broken wrist as well !! Your good news makes me feel better about the upcoming meet. DD needs a 33 AA to qualify for State ( I think HC sets it higher than what is actually req) and only has 3 meets to get it in.
Glad she had a good 1st meet! She was happy and proud of herself which is really what matters!! :D
I finally was able to edit the clips together and get it on youtube. Hopefully this link works. And please excuse all the disruptions of people walking by (horrible seating) and no song track. I haven't figured it out on my software yet.
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Now that was a cute floor routine. She did a great job and looked like she was having so much fun. Isn't that a nice break from compulsory music?
Well, all the girls in her group (6 total) use the same routine but we have 3 different groups at that level (based on age) and they each have separate routines - so yes... It is very nice to not have to go sit through the same routine for 20 girls.
She is so cute! I bet she has alot of fun doing that floor routine, my dd would love to have her own music! She did can't ask for anything more than a big smile on her face at the end of the meet!!
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