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Oct 7, 2014
DDs first meet of the season is this weekend. Does anyone else get super anxious for them until after the first meet? DD is doing her kip cast handstand for the first time into giant giant flyaway. She competed Clear Hips last year. I am really proud of her she has worked on the dang thing for 2 years. Bars are her first event. They aren't super pretty but she is really excited to finally add them to her routine whatever the outcome. So today she says "My bars are going great but I didn't complete a single beam routine at practice today." Poor thing. Does this sport always have to be such a roller coaster? Let me off, I think I'm going to be sick. Send some good thoughts her way Friday around 8:30 am for bars.
Hahaha, who needs the good thoughts more, you or her?

I've just about decided that I'm going to hide in the bathroom for our L9 boys' entire pommel horse rotation. Maybe pbars too.
I will see you there. I will be the sweating, nauseous one
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Good luck.... I can still remember Alex's first meet... so much fun.
Whatever you do....don't show you are nervous.... keep calm, like its nothing. And don't ask dd if she is nervous....that only makes them more nervous.
And whatever you do - don't wash their wrist bands... lol.... I did that once and she acted like I cut off her hands.
I am convinced that having to go through two "will child and teammates make their damn giants" seasons has contributed greatly to my fine crop of grey hair.

In case anyone is interested in the empirical test results, I can confirm that none of the following things will help a team have a clean rotation: breath holding, leaning hard as they reach the top of the bar, digging nails into the palms of one's hand, lucky earrings or other attire, watching intently, not watching, cheering, not cheering, and invocations/imprecations directed at various and sundry deities.
I didn't sleep at all the night before my son's first meet! I am much calmer now (he just started his third season), even though he's doing much harder skills, like giants. I still hold my breath through each routine, though!

Good luck to your DD!
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I get anxious at just the idea of meets, and we are going into our fourth season/third year in the sport. My girls first meet of this season is two weeks away and I'm not even ready to think about it. I'm a nervous wreck from December through May.
I get nervous before every single meet. Every one. Even though my head can tell me that I am not, my stomach gets into knots. Every time. And this is my son's 9th year competing. not sure it will ever go away :)
Can I say just how much i love this site? I love that everyone is honest and so very helpful! I love knowing I am not alone in this crazy gymnastics adventure! I have told myself every year that I am going to be able to sit down at a meet and just enjoy it... ummm I already feel like I am going to throw up and my daughters first meet isn't until the first week of January! And its a judges cup! LOL Why is it that my husband can go to a meet and be just fine... and NOT me? grrr!
Good luck to your dd, Mom2-4! I hope she has a great meet and season!

I feel that nervous, bad feeling in the pit of my stomach during every meet too. Dd has her state meet on Saturday and my stomach is already in knots about it. I'm honestly not sure I can watch beam this time around after her last meet. :(
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My husband has not watched a beam routine since she was in old level 4 - 4 years ago. He will leave the venue I text him when it is over ... I do my best to not vomit till routine is over :)
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Best meet I ever went to was when my dd was recovering from injury and wasn't competing. I had so much fun watching her teammates and cheering for everyone. Every other meet I am a wreck... I am really trying to just enjoy it because I know she is nearing the end of her time in club gymnastics.
Awesome thread. Awesome.

This sport makes more nervous than any other - and my kids do a wide variety of stuff (soccer goalie is also nerve racking....but not quite like gymnastics).

Mom2-4, I will be thinking of you. My DD did 2 clear hips last year - STILL working on that dang giant going on 2 years - I have to throw a huge party after she finally competes it. (She will be scratching bars for a while this season :) )

Best of luck to your DD - and let us know how it goes!! Your DD will give mine hope!!!!
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