1st meet of the season - L8

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May 21, 2008
DD competed L8 most of last year, so she is kind of a 2nd yr l8

Bars: Big disaster. Low bar looked great (pirouette, high free hip, hit the handstands etc) Casted almost to handstand and missed her giant. Got back up went over on her handstand, tried again same thing. Then did a cast to handstand layout flyaway. Needless to say the score wasnt pretty 6.75. She has been having giant problems since she grew a lot. She was dejected, but I told her he low bar was great and her form was good.

Beam: 8.3 No connection on the handspring handspring.
Floor: 9.175
Vault: 8.4

Overall not a great day, but her floor routine was good enough for 1st PLACE!!! (it kind of eased her pain of bars...lol)
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At least you can highlight the positives and try to take away from it a good start... I think a good low bar is harder to hit for level 8 than the high bar in many ways... Also, she stayed on the beam, even if she didn't get her connection. And of course floor must have been awesome! Hopefully the bars won't get her down!
That is terrific about the first place on floor! We're nowhere near giants drama yet, but everyone says that they eventually get them back after a growth spurt. And having the low bar go well is a nice foundation going forward. L8 vault scares me . . .
Sorry she didnt have the greatest meet. It's hard when they just seem to have an all around off day. But WTG on floor..sounds like she really rocked that.
Congrats to your DD on 1st on floor that is no easy thing to so. BTW you have the same leos we have for our club except we have black red silver but the top is white also fun to see.

Its early in the year she will do better as things go on.....it seems she is having fun that is so important!!

Have a great season.
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Great job on floor as well as hitting low bar. My DD has been level 8 for 3 years (UGH, has 9 tricks but coach doesn't want to move her just yet) and this level seems to be the hardest so far at getting a good all around. There always seems to be one event that doesn't go quite right.
I hope she enjoys the rest of her season and continues to improve.
BTW My dd's have same leos too but maroon, gold, black. They seem to be popular!
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