1st meet of the season

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Proud Parent
Sep 3, 2010
DD will be attending her first meet of the season tomorrow and she is very excited. She is L3 and she could definitely use some form fairies and bar fairies. Basically I just want her to have an enjoyable experience tomorrow and I she can sometimes be hard on herself. :)
Thanks. She did have fun, although she wished her scores were a little higher. She is like that though. :) She was definitely better on bars today than she was last night at practice, so I think the fairies helped.
Awww. Not sure how I missed this one. So glad she had a good time. The scores mean nothing as you know. Like gymmom said as long as she did her best and had fun..then she had a wonderful meet.
I'm glad she has a fun experience! Scores tend to go up during the season so lots more opportunities. Congrats!!
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