2009 Level 10 Nationals

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I was wondering if anyone happened to any videos of this years level 10 champion (Kayla Williams). She goes to a gym near me and I can't seem to find hardly any video from nationals. Any links would be appreciated.


Jul 5, 2007
Ah, some R7 action. I know her (excellent) floor routine has been posted on youtube...don't think I've seen anything else.
Yea she is pretty awesome. I stumbled across her floor routine but thats all I can find. I'll call her coach and see if he will put the videos up and if he will, I'll post the link on here for everyone.

Deleted member D3987

she has other stuff on youtube. type in her name and "classics", her name and the competition name. there is all sorts of stuff on her.


I'm trying to find video as well--of other gymnasts. I'm a huge supporter of Lizzy LeDuc also a level 10 national champion. If anyone knows of any video I would love to see!
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