2013 World Championships

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Jun 18, 2013
I know it is very early but who would you like to represent the USA at the world championships?
I'd like to see our veterans, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney, along with Simone Biles and Brenna Dowell! Alternates being Elizabeth Price and Lexie Priessman.
Because Ebee was injured and hasn't competed this year yet and Lexie just isn't clean/consistent enough in my opinion!
I moved this thread bc it is decidedly not about the JO changes =)

(and moved again bc i realized we have a place for this topic)
It's an individual year at world's, so the US will only take those who have a legitimate shot at making finals in the AA or an individual event. Looks like Kyla and Simone have the AA spots locked up(in addition to being contenders on multiple events), and looks like Brenna and McKayla would have the best shot at an individual medal.
I wonder how maroney will feel as an alternate! I think she has the potential to be an aa gymnast! Just need to work on those bars...
I think I want Maddie desch, katelyn ohashi, mckayla maroney, and Simone biles! Maybe Kyla Ross and Ebee as alternates? I don't feel Kyla has enough difficulty and Ebee isn't as clean! But I think Maddie could give up some good scores on floor and beam and bars and she is very consistent and clean!mckayla could be an aa contender if she cleans up her bars. She could also be a medal contender for floor and obviously vault. Katelyn ohashi could win beam gold, but if she is out because of her injury still, maybe Kyla or Ebee instead and lexie as the other alternate? Alot of people think she should be on the team beacause she is the reigning junior champion but she is kind of inconsistent and sloopy and DEFINATLY did not prove her self at jesolo cup! She is strong on floor though, just needs to clean up a bit! Simone biles would be the other aa contender. (well actually they all could but mckayla and Simone have the best chance in my opinion!) Simone also has great vault and floor and has the difficulty on bars and beam she is just a bit sloppy on these events. I just don't think brenna has the difficulty to be on the team either. This is just my opinion and reasoning behind it to why I think these gymnasts should be on the team! I don't mean to be rude or shoot anyone else's opinion down! Please feel free to reply to why or why not this would be the perfect team!!!!
Based on 2013 so far, I would say Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Simone Biles, and Brenna Dowell. Then Lexie Priessman and whoever else as an alternate.
The main reasoning for no Kyla or Brenna is that they don't have difficulty. Its hard to say that before the classic, because they could have upgrades. They are still figuring out the new code (especially the beam combinations).
Has Maddie competed in 2013 yet? And Katelyn is not likely to comPete/be ready due to injury.
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Are the nationals being televised? And Maddie is one of my favourites due to her difficulty so I hope she gets put on the team
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